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James Frady
Arch-Conservative, Free-Market Capitalist, Outdoor Sportsman, Hunter, Fisherman, Hiking, Camping, Gun Lover, Constitutionalist.
Arch-Conservative, Free-Market Capitalist, Outdoor Sportsman, Hunter, Fisherman, Hiking, Camping, Gun Lover, Constitutionalist.
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A poem I wrote about a walk I took in a small valley that evidently had not been visited by man in some time.

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My brother's Blog for stories on the dark side.

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My latest poem has been added to my poetry blog.

A short article I have written: 
(Thanks goes to my brother Roy for proofing it for me.)

The Event Horizon:
In general relativity, an event horizon is a boundary in spacetime beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. In layman's terms, it is defined as "the point of no return", i.e., the point at which the gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible. An event horizon is most commonly associated with black holes. (from Wikipedia on “event horizon”)

We are circling an enormous black hole. It's far more vast that your wildest imagination. Its all-consuming appetite is taking in everything in its path. The black hole is the moral degeneration of the whole world, but most notably here in these United States. The screams of those already consumed no longer reach us, and so we move fearlessly closer to the edge, the event horizon, the point of no return.

When America is gone, faded across that line in eternity, the world will see a new Dark Age. We are already seeing the rise of Islam, that black and evil religion, as it consumes the Middle East and places more and more people under the impermeable curtain of Shariah law. Islam is a fanatic geopolitical cult that knows no mercy. It is set on consuming the world and bringing the whole of it under the dominion of Allah, the hell-spawn god of Muhammad. With America growing weaker and Islam growing bolder, who will stop them from continuing to engulf humanity in their darkness?

America once stood to protect the weaker nations from aggression by the communists in Russia and China, but now our influence is declining and those nations are becoming more aggressive in their dealings with smaller, weaker nations. We can do little to nothing to stop this now, and when we are gone, they and the caliphate will spread unchecked.

I believe the world is headed toward a predestined event. I think America will either cease to exist or will be so insignificant by that point as to no longer matter. The world is heading for a world war, a dark age, or a nuclear confrontation, but more importantly, it’s headed for an appointment with God. God will step in at His predetermined time and wrap this whole series of events that we call history in a few final and terrible years. Whether that is soon or a while off is only known by God.

All of the above armies have two groups for which they share a common hatred: Christians, and Jews. I believe a time of persecution is arising for the church. In America we have been relatively free from persecution for the past maybe four hundred years, while Christians in other parts of the world have been under heavy persecution, up to and including being killed for their faith. I believe that will soon come to America. We are already being forced by the government to compromise our beliefs, and those who refuse to compromise are hastily sued and bankrupted in a court of law.

Our words of witness to the love of Christ, and the exceeding sinfulness of sin are now considered to be hate speech. In some circles here in America, you can be arrested for giving out Bibles and witnessing. Now, with the forced legalization of gay marriage, groups will use that as leverage to try to force churches to conduct gay weddings, and those who stand with God and refuse to do so will be sued into bankruptcy. Their building and land will be at risk, and probably even the property of the preachers and deacons who are leaders in the church. As the church is forced out of the mainstream, the darkness creeping across the land will grow, and we will edge ever closer to that point of no return, the event horizon of moral degeneracy.

Meanwhile, as America loses its influence, those who hate Israel are becoming bolder and more aggressive toward God’s chosen people, the Jews. Outright anti-Semitic talk and actions are becoming more common. Nations are threatening to obliterate Israel from the face of the Earth. The Arabs, the Russians, (aka Gog and Magog of Bible prophecy), and China, (an innumerable army from the orient), will eventually move to destroy Israel. It’s all coming in line with what the Bible said all along. The end is, in fact, coming; and probably much sooner than you thought.

While I don’t think we can stop the eventual decline and fall of America, I think many things have occurred to hurry up the process that we had control over.

First, I think television, or as my grandpa used to call it: “Hellivision” has hastened the decline of the morals of this country. I quit watching the vast majority of TV years ago. It’s mostly an open sewer pouring crap into your livingroom. As the years go by, each network pushes the boundary just a little further, until we have reached the point at which there are little or no morals left in prime time viewing.

At the same time the news began to have an agenda and to present as facts whatever angle they felt would empower them, or the political entities they supported. That meant that more and more liberal causes and socialist ideals were pushed by the main stream media. If that’s all you hear, you start to believe it.

If they make good people look stupid and awkward, and immoral people look smart, cool and fun to be around, guess which group kids will want to emulate? If they make fathers look like idiots and mothers look like the savior of the family, how many young boys are going to want to grow up to be the responsible head of a household? Television is, and has been, a scourge on our society. Yet, how many Christians will sit down in front of one tonight and turn off their brains and their morals to enjoy their favorite sitcom?

A second front has been waged against us in our government-run school systems, where the teachers are more and more forced to teach a secular, godless, atheistic, and evolutionary worldview full of relativism and liberalism. Many of the teachers themselves know what they are teaching is garbage, but they have to teach to make students pass standardized tests that reinforce the worldview of the companies who produce it, and the government who want a herd of easily managed sheep instead of people who can think for themselves with good critical thinking skills.

Many students excel in their learning, but I am becoming convinced that it is in spite of the school systems, not because of it. Systems thrive when every cog in the wheel is exactly the same, not when individual cogs are better or worse than average. Therefore, the system tries to level everyone out to the lowest point at which everyone can reasonably expected to pass.

Moreover, the school system has become a laboratory for social experimentation. They have different agendas driving forced busing, and determining what children are forced to read, while banning any reference to God or patriotism or even wiping out a region’s heritage. Some schools at certain grade levels have been forced to read books which are full of homosexuality or perversion, while liberal school boards and Department of Education officials push sex education in even early grade school levels. This sickness of immorality is a seed planted early in school and fertilized repeatedly for most of the K-12 education forced upon us and our children.

Next, I am certain that political correctness has undermined this country to the point that the foundations are crumbling. No one has the spinal fortitude to say the truth anymore and face the firestorm that the politically correct police will bring upon his or her head. I say nobody, but I mean really very few.

If you dare say that homosexuality is a sin and wrong, you will be severely chastised and publicly humiliated. How dare you judge them like that? Never mind that the Bible says that those who do not repent from that sin will burn in Hell for eternity and all you’re doing is trying to help that person.

If you dare say that illegal aliens should be rounded up and deported, you’ll be harangued to death about being so evil to separate families like that. Heck, don’t separate them, send them all back.

If you call someone lazy and shiftless for being an able-bodied person on welfare, stand by while they tell you it’s none of your business why that person is on welfare. If you tell them that since you are footing the bill then indeed it is your business, be prepared to be called self-righteous or snobbish, or something. Oh, and if you demand that welfare recipients have to take drug tests, you will be violating their rights.

Political correctness is a very formidable weapon in the hands of the liberals. You can’t crack a joke, you can’t tell the truth, you can’t question motives, and heaven forbid you take a stand or speak out. Due to political correctness men live in mortal fear at work of saying something that can be construed as inappropriate. Only it’s called sexual harassment there. (Of course there is real sexual harassment, but I’m not talking about that). The political correctness police will jump right down your throat.

Political correctness is an absolute destroyer of the freedom of speech. So now we can’t even speak out against wrong or against violation of our morals without being politically incorrect. It’s as un-American as anything I ever heard. Americans were never afraid to speak out for what they believed in…until the PC police came along with their willing accomplices, the main stream media.

Finally, I believe we have become a lazy nation, as physical labor has been derided and scorned as something for ignorant rubes. Gone are the days when a hard working man was lauded and venerated before the next generation. I have heard people in their snottiest tones saying things like: “Well he isn’t anything but a brick layer.” Or “All he ever was, was a plumber” or “a construction worker”. Next time, unstop your own drain, genius.

Young people have been sold one of a couple of bills of goods. One, that unless they have a four year degree and make a six-figure salary, they are a failure and physical labor is a sad shortfall that you must be ashamed of. The second one is that they don’t need to work but are entitled to be kept up by the country simply because they exist.

Both of these approaches undermine the work ethic that built this country. People need to know that there’s real value to work, which goes beyond the monetary reimbursement, and gives rewards in self-esteem and pride. There’s also good money to be made, even if you have to get dirty to do it. Mike Rowe is one of my heroes right now for the way he is pushing the skilled trades before this generation. He is on the right track. Some kids need to do the four years and move into the jobs that demand a four-year degree or more. A large portion of them do not.

Let them go out and start an entry-level job and work their way up. They may end up all the way at the top. In any case they’ll rise to the limits of their skill and ambition.

All of these things have for years being chipping away at the foundations of American society. As the foundations erode, the country has been sliding into that slow spiral that leads toward the Event Horizon.

I don’t see the slide stopping before we’ve gone too far to turn back. I’m not sure people know what freedom is anymore. It comes with a huge amount of responsibility, and who wants that?

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Wow.  It's well worth the ten minutes.

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