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Antes de juzgarme tienes que calzarte mis botas y recorrer mi camino
Antes de juzgarme tienes que calzarte mis botas y recorrer mi camino

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The big day has finally come. Solid Explorer 2.0 is now official!

Similarly to the old SE, 2.0 version is a 14 day trial, which is now unlockable with an in-app purchase instead of the unlocker. Existing users of classic Solid Explorer can upgrade to the 2.0 version for free. The price is the same - $1.99 or 1.99€.

The final release introduces two new plugins: OTG Plugin, Mega client, 3 icon packs and new color schemes. You'll find the links in the community description. Each of this component is paid, but it doesn't mean all the new stuff will have a price tag in the future. I hope you don't mind the new business model and you won't feel like being ripped off. In this way you're supporting the development of SE and hopefully other cool products in the future. 
In case of any problems please don't post one star reviews. Use bug reporting option in the About section. I'll try to resolve all potential issues as soon as possible.

Important notice:
I had to cut out support for Android 4.0 because of the amount of bugs on this platform and very little market share. As a result of this decision, minimum required Android version is 4.1 Jelly Bean.

I'd like to say thank you to all the community members, especially to the translators and people actively participating in alpha and beta tests. This app wouldn't be so good without you. Promised license codes for the people translating the app will arrive within a few days.

Now grab your phones and tablets, open the Play Store and make this app reach the top of the charts! Here is the link:

Have fun with the new Solid Explorer!

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Solo en uno de estos países el sol y el viento no serán gratis.
18 votes
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Republica Popular China
Corea del Norte

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He comenzado a recibir indirectas presionándome para aceptar instalar software (Microsoft Office) pirata en ordenadores de un cliente, algo a lo que me he opuesto abiertamente desde que he vuelto a trabajar en TI.
No descartaría siquiera abandonar este campo, pero me gustaría escuchar lo que podáis decirme al respecto.

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Transparent Material theme for CM12 is live! After a ride from cm9 to cm11 of my now old Transparent theme, I'm ready to release the cm12 version.

(ps: reviews are really appreciated :D)

Like a glass!! Many apps of your rom will become transparent! You can choose a wallpaper and use it as background for your apps. Every time you change wallpaper, you have a new theme! I suggest to try this theme also with live wallpapers.
I like very much new material design, in particular all the colors. So this theme will apply transparency but in the same time will keep the original colors and beauty of apps themed.
More infos and screens/video in google play's page.

Support for all features of theme engine, in particular:
-wallpaper and lockscreen wallpaper (the one included is the one of first screenshot)
-icons (icon mask with transparent white circles)
-custom bootanimation
-alarm tone
-notification tone

Many apps of your rom will become transparent, like settings, notification drawer, messagging, theme chooser, downloads..
You can see the full list here:

["old" transparent theme, from cm9 to cm11]

If you want, follow me on google plus, and share this post if you like :)

Enjoy Transparent Material theme :D

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