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Report Finds Dozens of Women Abused at No. Cal. Marijuana Farms
Today I stumbled across this awful, yet not-so-surprising investigative report that details how dozens of women, and likely more, are sexually abused on pot farms in the Emerald Triangle: “Women believe they are getting hired for trimming work, and then the...

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Sessions confirmed as AG - Should Legal Weed be Worried?
It is official: Jeff Sessions, the man with a proven record of opposition to black people voting , is the new US Attorney General . The ascension of a classic, George Wallace-type Southern racist to the nation's highest law enforcement position does not bod...

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CA Winemakers Fear Competition From Legal Pot
The wine industry in California is worried that legal marijuana is stealing its labor and its kicks , according to a report on Fortune 's website. Writer John Kell explains how the wine industry is actually "crushing it" thanks to "the coveted millenial gen...

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Forbes: "Five Ways that Trump May or May Not Affect Legal Cannabis, Maybe"
The news media is normally speculative, but lately it seems like the whirlwind of what-ifs and might-bes associated with the newly inaugurated Trump administration has every reporter's head spinning. This confusion is, of course, a by-product of covering Tr...

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Jeff Sessions: The Man Who Liked the KKK, Until He Found Out Some of Them Smoked Pot
Jeff Sessions, next Attorney General of the Confederacy United States President-elect Donald Trump has picked Jeff Sessions, an old racist US senator from Alabama, to be the nation's next Attorney General. Sessions defended Trump's call to ban Muslims from ...

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The Hempiricist's Return: Marijuana Legal for Adults in 2 States, Trump is Next President
What a day to return to blogging. I'm sure nobody noticed, but I've been away from this site for more than a year now, trying to get the second draft of my book done. It is finally done, and I can finally give this blog the attention it's been craving. A lo...

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The Hempiricist Hits the Road, Days 3 & 4: Medford, OR
The gorgeous Applegate Valley as seen from Wooldridge Creek Vineyard and Winery.  It has been a very busy couple of days here in Southern Oregon's Applegate Valley. Yesterday
I met up with archaeologist Chelsea Rose of Southern Oregon University,
who owns...

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The Hempiricist Hits the Road, Day 2: Reno - Oakland - Medford, OR
Oaksterdam University was established in 2007 by Richard Lee , one of the most influential leaders of the  medical cannabis movement in the Bay Area. Beginning around 5 AM in Reno, Day 2 of my research trip took me over the Sierra Nevada Mountains and acros...

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The Hempiricist Hits the Road, Day 1: Fort Collins, CO to Reno, NV
The Hempiricist has made it to Utah. Writing a book - especially writing one's first book - can be overwhelming at times. Thus, it is always
encouraging when one can call on and receive much-needed support from his or her
friends, acquaintances, and colle...
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