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Cec Ingram
I am a retired GMA (GrandMa)....with a great sense of humour & love for LIFE!!!
I am a retired GMA (GrandMa)....with a great sense of humour & love for LIFE!!!

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Thanks 4 sharing...JustMeCec xoxo

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I use to have a black cat. He was the Devil himself!!!

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Just luv this!!!!
It's exciting to add a cuddly new pet to your life, except maybe when you have to introduce it to another pet that has already staked claim to your home. That's especially true if one's a dog and the other's a cat. But whether you're introducing a new dog to your cats -- or a new cat to your dogs -- it doesn't have to be hard. Here is some expert advice to help keep peace during the transition.
Watch the Dog
If there's going to be a problem during cat and dog introductions, says Katherine A. Houpt, James Law Professor of Behavior Medicine - Emeritus at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, it's usually caused by the dog.
Most dogs will chase a rapidly moving object. So if a cat gets frightened and runs, "a dog often feels honor-bound to chase it," Houpt says. "It's important to nip that in the bud." If you don't, the result can be injury, and even death, for the cat.
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What a layed back dog!!!! 

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Sorry I have been "MIA" lately.... Had a hip replacement then fell 2 months later & broke my elbow on one arm & my wrist on the other..... I have very severe "Osteoporosis" so drink your milk & keep your bones healthy....Yepper!!! I have no idea when I will...

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"HAPPY  THANKSGIVING" WEEKEND To All my Canadian Friends!!!

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Hope it's a safe & happy one for you all......

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Hope you are having a.... "HAPPY MONDAY" I am still recovering from a hip replacement & will be back in the ... "FALL" with more Tags & Extras.

Hello BILL WINGRAM.......this where most of my blog shows up.....Faye is on here as well as Angela, Neil....welcome to Google +

Huggs xoxoxoxox

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Happy Victoria Day!!!!
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