My comment on +Peter H. Diamandis's post:

I was pissed off by the modern university education systems, and I thought of this: the Idea University: it accepts students on a per-idea-basis. Unlike ordinary universities with set programs and required subjects to meet the needs of the labor market, it imposes no required subjects. The study programs are tailored for acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to realize the particular idea of each student. The Idea University does not offer grades or degrees. It is the impact of the ideas realized what speaks for the qualities of the students. Instead of grades, the Idea University offers the documentations of what students had accomplished.

The business model of the Idea University is that some of the realized ideas of the students will produce significant cash-flows, which are then reinvested into promising new ideas and the education of new students. An assumption is that leveraging on the scale of the Internet, a single individual with a scalable solution can impact billions.

The Idea University is the ultimate merger between business and education, and between learning and doing. It is the learning through doing education paradigm brought to its extreme.

Nine years had passed, and I am still pissed off by modern university education systems. More information: 
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