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Helio Perroni Filho
Being me has its rewards, but it's not for the faint of heart.
Being me has its rewards, but it's not for the faint of heart.

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I'm currently working on a robotics project that's been so far based around Trinamic's QMOT QSH6018-86-28-310 stepper motor. Due to some issues we're considering moving to a normal gear motor. Would anyone recommend a gear motor with similar specs (voltage, weight, etc.) to the QMOT? I'm also looking for a supplier in the US or Canada, which would you recommend?

Hello all,

My lab is currently looking for a base platform for building a test autonomous vehicle. Our requirements are:

1. Electric-powered Ackermann drivetrain;
2. Drive-by-wire for steering wheel and pedals;
3. About the size of a golf cart, with at least two seats;
4. Easily hackable, preferably with open documentation.

The best match we've found so far is Robotinik's RBCar [ ], but it's a bit too expensive for our budget. We've also looked into Renault's Twizy, but we worry it may be complicated to hack.

Does anyone know of other alternatives?

AI Grant

Nat Friedman has launched a new program called AI Grant, which is offering ten grants of $5,000 each to anyone who wants to do open source work in AI. AI Grant is funding existing AI projects, as well as new projects that haven’t started yet.

For more information, and to apply, please see the announcement:

Here are the basics:

- Offering ten grants of $5,000 each to any project in AI which is contributed to open source.
- Anyone can apply (individuals or teams)
- Deadline is April 30th
- Open-minded about what qualifies as an AI project: large or small, code or data, etc.

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I've been watching the latest BattleBots season, and they mentioned the RioBotz team published a book on combat robotics. I've been skimming over it and it seems a very complete manual; a good reference for those willing to enter the combat robot scene.

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DMM is a Japanese media company that (in typical Zaibatsu fashion) has no conception of "business scope" – they go everywhere there's money to be made, from smartphone games to porn. Their latest incursion is in the consumer robotics market, where they already sell several models marketed as pets or company for the elderly.

Now they announced a new line of "desktop idols", small humanoid robots that dance and sing. They allegedly hope to start a whole new market with these, and have promised to open-source content creation software to help kickstart a developer scene for the things.

Hear that sound? It's Japan's birth rate taking a nose dive.

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O Brasil deveria considerar seriamente o potencial da energia nuclear?
Usinas nucleares produzem energia ocupando pouco espaço, dejetos são de volume limitado e prontamente recicláveis, não requerem o alagamento de ecossistemas nem liberam grandes quantidades de CO 2 na atmosfera. Além disso podem ser construídas próximas aos ...
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