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Encinitas Surf Lessons and Surfing for Empowerment
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WE ARE LIVE! Surfing is the Ultimate Personal Journey that Symbolizes Your Life!   Please check out more info on my website here:

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Oh My Goodness I had Such an AHA Moment ‪Surfing‬ the Big Waves Today! Surfing Has Taught me so Much that I Can Apply to Life!

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Surfing and Spirituality are one and the same for me. Surfing and the Ocean teach so much...How to surrender and be in the "magic" flow of life...How to give more of your deepest gifts...How to truly be grateful...

Read below to get inspired!

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How can we all live more OPEN, FREE and "IN THE FLOW" just like the ocean? I've been having more and more deep moments of internal reflection in the stillness of the ocean lately and grateful for these "aha" moments. She always teaches me so much and I feel called to share.

When I'm really surfing well I am in a state of no-mind, completely present and open to what shows up as the wave changes moment to moment.

I've realized when I'm in this state in life I am open enough to be able to truly express myself. If I can not express myself intuitively and passionately, I am not free. In order to feel free I need to create. The flow of this creative energy comes to me most gracefully when I can clear myself of judgements and preconceived ideas of how things "should" be that tend to block this natural expressive energy.

But heres the thing...I believe this natural flow of life is channelled and expressed THROUGH us, not BY us. Thats why when I'm surfing well I get such a strong feeling that its not me doing it. Something WAY bigger wants to come through and be seen.

In these moments of no-mind I am MOST EFFICIENT.

In these moments of no-mind I have no need to CONTROL, COMPARE, JUDGE, STRATEGIZE, or PLAN.

I can SURRENDER and just BE and feel the natural FLOW of life move me.

This is the magic of life. We think there is always so much to do so that we can we better, be seen, be acknowledged, etc...when simple SURRENDER and TRUST is simply enough.

The only thing I really want is deeper internal FREEDOM. This is available to ALL of us ALL the time when we can learn to clear ourselves and make space for DIVINE FLOW to enter

Thank You Divine Ocean Mother for all you embody and teach. May we all be open and free enough to let the waves of life ride us with ease and grace.

Infinite Blessings always <3

"We are always in a process of becoming and nothing is fixed. Have no rigid system in you, and you’ll be flexible to change with the ever changing. Open yourself and flow, my friend. Flow in the total openness of the living moment. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves. Moving, be like water. Still, be like a mirror. Respond like an echo.” -Bruce Lee

Here is a great article how Surfing and Fitness are related. Enjoy! :)

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Get ready for a summer of fun by learning how to surf this spring!

Surfing for Empowerment is more than just a surfing class. It's a fun, exciting way to get in touch with yourself and nature and apply the unique aspects and qualities that the ocean can teach us to our daily lives. Connect to the heart and soul of surfing while also receiving quality surf instruction during this action-packed 3 hour workshop. Class includes philosophy, meditation visualization, and surf instruction.

The class size is capped at 9 people to ensure individualized attention. 


Jason and Michele share a passion for the ocean. Jason is one of the only surf instructors who does Ocean Therapy for those with deep fear of the Ocean/Waves and also combines surf lessons with Empowerment principles. Michele offers her perspective on water safety and ocean knowledge, with her background as an ocean lifeguard. Between the two of them, they offer over 40 years of experience in water sports and surfing, and they are excited to offer this innovative class on the beautiful beaches of Encinitas and beyond to empower others!

"Jason and Michele's Surfing for Empowerment class was a HUGE boost for me in my personal life. They did an amazing job of relating aspects of surfing to life. Not only have Iearned to trust and surrender more but I also have embraced challenges I would not have otherwise. If you want much more than just a surf lesson this class is not to be missed! Thanks you two!" Amanda R

" I have surfed several times before but never experienced a class like this!I felt very at ease and their patience and presence made the whole experience "ZEN" like. I also felt super empowered and really glad I embraced this opportunity" Mike D

$75 for class includes surfboard and wetsuit rental. Please Paypal to reserve your space asap. 

Please call Michele at 858 775 3723 or Jason at 760 846 6894 for more info or to get inspired! 


Encinitas Surf Lessons and Ocean Therapy with Jason


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I thoroughly enjoyed our Ocean time together Aimee! I love how you chose to fully embrace all aspects of surfing and how it relates to the "waves of life" Keep up the good vibe and see you in the water soon! :)

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I specialize in helping people get over their fear of the Ocean or Waves and inspire them to use the techniques I teach to overcome challenge and fear in all areas of their lives. The Ocean is a beautiful catalyst for growth and inspiration! Come get empowered in the Ocean with me today. Find out more info on the Ocean Therapy page of my website...



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San Diego Surf Lessons

Surfing For Empowerment is a one of a kind surf lesson class in San Diego, CA that brings together ideas of using the ocean as a metaphor for life and how we can apply those principles in our daily lives to feel inspired and empowered.

By examining our current beliefs about ourselves and creating fresh new perceptions we can live a more vibrant rewarding life! Come experience how Surfing and the Ocean can empower you in this unique class today!

Please find out more info on my website:


Jason (760)846-6894
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