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It's Wednesday and that means today is the second longest workday of the week. While we know your day isn't always going to be a Disney movie tale, it could be worse; you could have to drive next to a hazardous waste site on your way to work or school. But some of you will take comfort knowing there is only about 160 days until college football starts again, so every day closer to that date is a good thing. But we also understand that for some of you, going to work each day is a matter of overcoming fear and terror every morning. So that everyone else can understand what your going through, bring a printed copy of the last Stephen King book you've read and 31 points at the end of Round 3 will be yours.

We hope everyone had a great weekend! At the very least, we hope you didn't end up in the hospital. But if you did and were travelling in New York City, you can be assured that there are some fine medical institutions ready to care for your injury or illness. We know some of you went camping this weekend; we just hope you melted a bottle in the campfire for us. Even if you didn't get out this weekend, we can only hope you did something more than sit at home watching reruns of The Office. We think you should get off the couch and get into the great outdoors more often. To help you begin the journey, we need to make sure you're geared up! Bring a sleeping bag with you tonight and your host will give you either 12 points in Round 2 OR you can have the privilege of circling two answers on any one multiple choice question!

Despite the weather in some parts of the country, Spring is supposed to be here. That means that the Spring events are starting. Of course, most of you will be watching the Final Four on TV this weekend, but this is also the weekend that the Tour de France starts up as well. But given the rain out West and in the Southeast along with the snow still on the ground in places up North, you might just spend the weekend on the couch watching a great movie you haven't seen in a while, like Goodfellas perhaps. With all of that moisture outside, it might be more comfortable to enjoy your moisture indoors instead. This Thursday, bring you favorite rubber ducky with you because it makes bath time so much fun and you'll pick up 17 points at the end of Round 2. The team that brings the most will pick up an extra 17 at the end of Round 3!

Sitting here at midnight and writing a clue for Wednesday calls for some late night snacking. The only thing in the kitchen is some hummus and stale chips, so that's what we'll roll with. As long as I get into bed before Little Susie wakes up, it'll all be good. Besides, I've got Family Guy on TV behind me to keep me up so I should be good to go. Now the question is, what helps you make it through the night to stay up and finish that project or keep driving until you reach your destination? Bring it with you and we'll excite you with 24 points at the end of Round 3!

Piddle paddle fiddle faddle... The cow jumped over the moon!

DJ Trivia is wishing for warmer weather... What says you?

Random factoid: 3/26 is Aerosmith lead Steven Tyler's birthday. Aerosmith has won four Grammy Awards.

Random factoid: 3/26 is Aerosmith lead Steven Tyler's birthday. Aerosmith has won four Grammy Awards.

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