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Take off your shoes. Bare your soles.
Take off your shoes. Bare your soles.

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With your help we can teach others about being barefoot. Please consider a donation or sharing this post with your network. Remove your shoes. Bare your soles.

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You know who will never lie to you? Your feet. Use them - listen to them!

I was disc golfing barefoot (yes, it's a blast) last weekend and had the following dialogue.

Guy: "Are you seriously barefoot right now? That's dangerous?! There are sticks and rocks and...stumps."
Me: "...and dirt...and grass! Don't forget to watch out for those leaves!"

Good intentions aside, if you are going to warn me about the dangers of barefooting, then they should probably be... dangerous.

Anybody have any tips for removing splinters? Or not getting them in the first place? I had a pretty hard time removing them last weekend.

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Big thank you to our fine-footed friends without shoes at The Barefoot Alliance. We really appreciate your help!

What health benefits have you noticed as a result of being barefoot? I had severely damaged ankle ligaments and have noticed significant improvement as a result of barefooting.

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Here is an intelligent and well-articulated perspective on the Vibram FiveFingers lawsuit.

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Most of you beautiful barefoot people have probably already heard about this. What are your thoughts about it?

A lot of people are misinformed about being barefoot and are quick to reprimand you for not wearing shoes. This attitude can only be changed through kindness and and education. Have you run into this situation? How did you react?
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