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I want to hear your story.

Family, friends, and neighbors with ADD and AD/HD, and people who have friends and neighbors with ADD and AD/HD...

(In my experience, they're both the same thing, but many people either don't agree or don't know. That's fine.)

Please email me your experiences with it to Use "ADD", "AD/HD", or both as the subject. 

Tell me--
what it is
what it isn't 
what you like about it
what you hate about it
how it's been beneficial
how it's been destructive
how you cope with it
why you've been accused of having it (but you know you don't have it)
why people have denied you having it (but you know that you do have it)

Please share this post. I'm starting on a project of trying to understand it and, ultimately, I'd like to try to help others understand it.

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Alejandro Duarte

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Presuppositional theology is the same as kindergarten logic, close you ears and yell, "you're wrong and I'm right!"

Alejandro Duarte

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Stream of consciousness preaching, where Israel says nothing with lots of randomly accumulated big words.

Alejandro Duarte

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+aoflex every time I try to watch you AE postings on my phone (which is mandatory for me) I'm told that a wifi connection is required. It's weird, because no other YouTube says that. I wonder if you have some weird setting activated on your end, when posting. If so, can you unset it? This is the only way I have of watching the AE. Thank you and thank you for posting the whole show.

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(sorry, I can't properly reply to your post)

I can't agree with you. The guy is offering a one trick semantic pony. Once figure out his game, which should only take once or twice, his game is up. I watched Jeff Durbin do it, and he does it much better, but it's no less an absurdity.

Alejandro Duarte

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I don't feel like they addressed the question in any satisfactory manor. What they've discussed, argued for, or against, does require the need of a deity of any type. There was nothing requires divinity.

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This guy, Israel, is a clown. Big words strung together do not make you scientifically literate.

Go straight to 103ish for some solid laughs!

Alejandro Duarte

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Great panel discussion. I'm looking forward to getting the book.

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Halfway through and this really seems like the Kalam argument of the mind. It's an interesting talk, but, basically, we don't know why it appears as though we have 'free will'.

Alejandro Duarte

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This guy is absurd.
I'm a guy. I have 3 great kids. I try to do great things.
I'm a dad, a writer, a game designer, and an entrepreneur. Politically, I am progressive and I am a spiritual atheist (that means I have awe and wonder for the complexity of the universe without the need of supernatural explanations).

If you're wondering how to circle me, these are my preferences:

Games and Game design (table top)
Interior and furniture design
Religion (as it pertains to atheism)

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    designish kinds of stuffs, 1992 - present
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I'm still trying to figure that one out.
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    I assist adults with developmental disabilities, that have severe behavioral issues, and I love it.
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