#gtwlebanonGoogle Tech Workshop attendees, and everyone who isn't coming to the event, play Beat Sergey on Angry Birds!!

Google Co-Founder, Sergey Brin, has the worldwide top score on Angry Birds game 1-1 on Google+ - a whopping 36,240 out of 40,000! We will beat him within the next week, and the new top scorer (from Lebanon) will win an awesome prize...


Play by adding +Sergey Brin +Rania Hadi and +Patricia Estridge to your G+ circles, and get playing Angry Birds 1-1 (Poached Eggs level 1) to beat the top score!

Entries close on the 28th March, where we hope the winner will be in situ at our tech Workshop at AUB. If not, we will arrange a prize delivery for you :)

Of course, you can still register until the 23rd for the Tech Workshop too: bit.ly/gtwlebanon
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