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How hard it is to Stop Complaining!!!

Dust off the brain is probably the best outcome of a vacation break. It is unbelievable how much our brains …Continue reading »

Taken 2 – Hollywood’s Albanian Complex 2.0

So here I am at the Millennium cinema after a week of persisting my girlfriends to watch Taken 2 by …Continue reading »

Shopping in Tirana, New Trends and Risks to the Shopping Paradise

It’s Sunday afternoon and I feel bothered for no groundbreaking reason actually. Well, it’s October 7th, sunny, +27 degrees, and …Continue r

As Summer Fades Away in Drymadhes

This has been an exceptional hot & dry summer within our continental climate boundaries. It’s September 8th and summer is …Continue reading

Wired and Wireless Memories

The bonds to my past memories are not just those happy little ones sticking profoundly forever in mind. Nor are …Continue reading »

Pinned at a fabulous wedding party!

If you were to pin your wedding in an Albanian way, the most frequently asked questions would be: Whom to …Continue reading »

Music Ban and the End of Summer Nights in Tirana

After our “wise leading fathers” addressed all our political and societal problems, fought corruption which is holding back the country’s …C

The Naked and the Posh at the French Riviera-Part 2

The first evening in Cannes started curiously looking at the wealth demonstration in La Croisette Boulevard. Everything seems literally shin

Paragliding in South Albania Last weekend my friend Darina had this incredible paragliding experience in Souther

The Naked and the Posh at the French Riviera – Part 1

As summer goes by incredibly fast so does the pressure increases for grasping every free moment. It is impossible not …Continue reading »

Stuck Up in the Air from Rome to Vienna

My vacation didn’t start until I placed the feet on that plane. Once I accommodated myself comfortably in my seat, turned off the iGadgets,

The Russians are coming!!!

No longer than two months, while dinning with my boyfriend at the ground floor restaurant of the Twin Towers in Tirana, we couldn’t stop ove

My Albanian Travels continue…Dardha

Almost everyone has its favorite runaway place. As a child born and raised in Tirana, I often got jealous of my friends going to extended su

My Albanian Travels

“Travelling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.” - Lisa St. Aubin

Tirana is getting ready for the Epic Battle ;)

Euro 2012 has definitely brought more fun on the roads of Tirana Just walking by you find hundreds of bars with big white screens showing th

Wie die Mac-Begegnung mein Leben veränderte

Auftakt einer neuen Kolumne: Apple-Experte Nils Jacobsen beobachtet das wertvollste Unternehmen der Welt – und den Mythos, der es umgibt.