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Che Dorji
I am me at first. I am you in the secondth. I am all in the third.
I am me at first. I am you in the secondth. I am all in the third.


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Keep smiling and be positive, I have heard this inside-outlook of tomorrow partly impacts the way she unfolds on you or your approach to her.... Accordingly you perceive her and she succors.

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Thing call Positivism
Never mind the darkness; it still doesn't last beyond its phase. Ain't be right, yet adhere to your guts than rightness. Sometimes; its about
walking out of that old door and embracing tomorrows with a clear conscience.
For; locking oneself inside the dingy...

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Participate in Photo Contest (Last date 30th Sept 2017) and win cash prizes worth Nu.100,00.

Plz share the news!!!!

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Photo Contest - CSO Fair 2017
Folks participate in CSO fair photo contest on theme "What it means to be a responsible citizen"and win cash prizes worth Nu. 100,000. For details plz visit    Put a catchy caption and post it on Facebook or Instagram.  Us...

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Enjoying the panoramic view of Haa valley down below, whilst trying to engrave fresh memories of wonderful Nob Tshonapatta trek deep in our hearts, looking high up in the mountains. It gave us a deep sense of satisfaction for having done it successfully - thanks our two team leaders and to all the mates - and enormous appreciation of how pristine everything was up there. I wish if every trekkers respect the Mother Nature and her wonderful vicinity then it’s likely she will grant us some perennial rivers and bountiful harvest for decades.

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8 - Day 3 Dung and Nga Tsho to Thimphu 22nd February, 2017
Janatenkha Monastery taken from some 2 hours hike above it. 7
hours hiked till Haa, then drove to the capital A beautiful sunny day welcomed us all out of
our tents effortlessly, although we slept very late. Looked at one another’s
face, everyone was smilin...

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Yet, nothing lasts forever, when it is time even the mighty lion goes back home and so we were readying to head back now. Although, as per our itinerary we were supposed to halt two nights at Tshonapatta campsite, do some cleaning campaigns and return the next day then head straight to Haa. But, we couldn’t count on the instant changing winter weather. So, after hanging around for about an hour we bid farewell to the revered Nob Tshonapatta and began hitting the trail towards Tsejay La 4600 meters at 9 AM

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7- Day 3 NobTshonapatta to Dung and Nga Tsho, Third night halt 21st February, 2017
Cutting right through the breast of Tshejay La 4600 meters, acho founded the new trail in the interest of time. It was wonderful though.  5
hrs 20 minutes hiked  The more we explored that much mesmerized we
were, weather for a moment was just too perfect th...

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The story of Nob Tshonapatta..... Happy reading!!

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The Story of Nob Thsonapatta
The revered Nob Tshonapatta (just half in the pic) completely frozen 20th February, 2017 4129.3 meters above the sea level It is believed at the bottom of this giant
and calm Nob Tshonapatta there lies so many ter (treasures) enough to feed the
entire count...
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