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Sunday Snapshot for the End of March
In Sunday Snapshot, I summarize my week in blogging, reading, puppy dogs, subscription boxes, and movies. Let me know what your week was like! 'Merica. What I'm reading right now: Didn't get a lot of reading done this week. I did finish The 4-Hour Workweek ...
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Review: THE SCULPTOR by Scott McCloud
David Smith is having the weirdest, worstest birthday ever. He just got fired, he's about to be kicked out of his apartment, he's flat broke, and it looks like his dreams of becoming a successful sculptor are about to die a cruel death. Then he runs into hi...
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Review: THE HOOKER AND THE HERMIT by LH Cosway and Penny Reid
Annie Catrel, secret celebrity blogger and social media expert, loves making fun of stars' poor fashion choices. But when she posts a pic of someone who may or may not be Colin Farrell (he's not), the real celebrity–Irish rugby hooker Ronan Fitzpatrick–blow...
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Sunday Snapshot
Hey cool cats! I was in the middle of writing a review and got the idea for this weekly feature, basically giving a quick update on what I've been up to. Hopefully this will help with the radio silences that tend to happen around here when I'm not reading m...
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Tasha Brandstatter

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Five of My Auto-Buy Authors (TSS)
The other day Colette from A Buckeye Girl Reads mentioned that she couldn't think of more than three authors that are on her auto-buy list. In case the title's not self-explanatory, auto-buy authors are authors whose work she will automatically buy, no matt...
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Tasha Brandstatter

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Review: THE PASSENGER FROM CALAIS by Arthur Griffiths
Original Publication Date : 1906   Genre : Adventure   Topics : Rule of law, honor among thieves, travel, trains, love, motherhood, women   Review by heidenkind : Lieut.-Colonel Basil Annesley, traveling to Lake Como for some R&R, hops aboard the train from...
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A Day In the Life of a Blogger
So Trish's A Day In the Life event was yesterday and I COMPLETELY forgot about it until late last night when I started checking my blogs. Sorry about that, guys! I still really want to participate so I wrote a super-long, overly detailed post about my day o...
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Tasha Brandstatter

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Sunday Snapshot and Spring is Here!
Sunday Snapshot is a summary of my weekly exploits, bookish and non. What's your week been like? This week was better than last, productivity-wise. The reason will become apparent post-haste! What I'm reading right now: The 4-Hour Workweek ,  by Timothy Fer...
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Sunday Snapshot for the Ides of March
If you're new here, Sunday Snapshot is a feature where I ramble on about basically nothing. I know you want to read it now! How is it that an entire week can pass with me getting nothing done? This is madness. I feel super busy but I get no reading done, no...
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Tasha Brandstatter

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Review: KISS OF THE ROSE PRINCESS by Aya Shouoto
Anise Yamamoto's father has warned her that if she removes her rose choker, she'll be cursed by a terrible punishment, which is why she always wears it even in defiance of her school's dress code. But when the choker mysteriously disappears, Anise is sudden...
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Tasha Brandstatter

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I received a copy of this book via Netgalley for the purposes of this review. After a bad investment, the Fosters find themselves looking to downsize with a small home in the country. But they can't find a property that's both affordable and large enough fo...
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Tasha Brandstatter

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Review: HER DARK INHERITANCE by Mrs. E. Burke Collins
Original Publication Date : 1892 Genre : dime novel Topics : Love, secrets, beauty, economics, sins of the father, forgotten for a reason Review by heidenkind : On a dark and stormy night, Beatrix Dane is abandoned at the offices of Dr. Frederick Lynne, wit...
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Writer, art historian, and bibliophile.
Tasha Brandstatter is a freelance writer and blogger with a master's degree in art history and a love of food, history, books, and culture. She's a digital editor at PULP Now and a regular contributor to Book Riot, Femnista, and History Colorado. She has 3 scotties and enjoys making cocktails. You can find her on her book blog, Truth Beauty Freedom and Books.
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I'm a digital editor at PULP Now and a regular contributor to Book Riot and History Colorado.
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