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Scientists investigate what happens after the supernova explosion. They say they have seen some data suggesting the formation of some molecules and dust that go into space and may affect the formation of new stars.
They seem to have partially started the right way to find out what's happening in the universe when considering pulsars, neutron stars and supernovae.
But it is evident that science does not have a clear picture of the formation of matter and its return to its initial state (the closed circle of the cycle of origin and the disappearance of matter.
If science and those experts have an interest in getting a clear picture of the structure of the universe, they can try to establish correspondence at a high scientific level, where they can give a lot of new ways of knowing what science has not yet understood.
Only if I observe this in relation to my previous attempt to engage in these scientific discussions, unfortunately, there is no interest either in institutions or individuals who will allow themselves to get something from an anonymous one something they did not know.
And I, with my knowledge, emerged in the chain of knowledge and study of the structure of the universe and maybe I was a supernova in science.
When my knowledge about that "explodes", then in the present scientific "galaxy", there will be a new dust from which will see the true causes of many phenomena in the universe.
It is time to confront my insights with previous misconceptions of the structure of the 

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It is true that science today knows a lot about the moon, but. It seems that she does not know why the moon has always one side facing the Earth.
If it does not, then it is certain that neither the true path of the planets nor the celestial bodies is unknown. To find out this, it is necessary to correct Kepler's law of movement along the ellipse and the Kenig theorem on the free movement of the body in space.
It is not true that if someone watches the earth for a month, only the same part of the earth can be seen. It is therefore necessary to find out the true path of the planets and all the celestial bodies, because many mistakes in the previous theories will be perceived.
Is there anyone on the planet who does not want to know the truth? ? If so, why is no one interested in science to find out? Perhaps nobody will admit that she knows nothing about 

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All these particles, which were supposedly found in Cern, are only transient forms obtained from ether in increased magnetism and the velocity of particles. It all goes back to ether, because there are not enough thermodynamic conditions to form the process of creating a new particle. These people will never achieve without knowing the structure of the universe. These kind of quarks, in reality, do not exist. These are KKK members, which the inventors uniformed to show they found something by destroying what was created by the Spiritual Entity of the Universe (SEU).
Geometry interpret particle physics make more sense, perhaps may solved some mystery of physics, first quantize hyper 4D space into 4D sphere, 3 dimension(Planck,proton,atom) of space for 3 family of quark(ud,cs,tb), family member only different on distance of hyper electric space have 2/3 , same as gravity by 1/d^2 of ch=(2*pi*l)(m*c^2) of string connect by higgs boson field, form quantum gravity(higgs)(line) which equal to string theory(ch)(hexagon)

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To explain this phenomenon, we need to understand, first of all, the structure of the universe and the way of formation of matter.
The substance is formed by ether, which fills infinity universe. This happens by means of high vibration ether, when the strings are formed in the three spatial directions and in their cross-section to form a substance in the form of quark ( "solid state" ether) and Gluons ( "liquid form" ether). These and quark Quark-forming Gluons GLUONSKE plasma, which has in it two behavioral traits of matter: gravity and magnetism. In the beginning it is very important magnetism. What is magnetism, science has not yet figured out. I will try to explain it, no formulas and models. Accept this as my copyright. We need to know and what is the gluon. He produced a pair annihilation of electron and positron. This ratio has gluon with ether, which is not entered in the formation reaction of matter to and the magnetism. As the base particle material formed of particles, 3 kg (3 quark and gluons 3). When the particle that enters the positron, proton occurs, and when he entered gluon, resulting neutron. Due to the enormous thermodynamic conditions, are formed by the neutrons, which enormously increases and magnetism. The crowd and the plasma formed star magnetar. Here you add up all the forces and the center of the magnetar, a neutron peripherals are generally reaches a magnetar explosion, we see this as a supernova. From this supernova remains the core of which has its own spin and radiation energy received dezintergacijom part of gluons, and this is seen as a "pulsar". Of the dispersed material, are formed by the disintegration of atoms, molecules, gases, thus resulting in less weight of the heavenly bodies, including also the planet. Or material to be the ratio of the ether, as well as gravity, which is intended to gather the material in the heaps of the mass (up to galaxies), and when it reaches a critical mass and gravity, then the matter is transferred and disintegrated in ether, from which it is derived, and this happens in black holes. Time is a closed cycle of the origin of matter.
 I wish to appear interested scientists to explain this in more detail and to be accepted as the basis of the knowledge structure of the universe. I'm here to give you the details.

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It is more difficult to find out who was stupid enough to argue that there was a BB, but to find out the truth about the universe. Big Bang = Great nonsense. The expansion of the universe as well.
I'm sorry people who do not know who they are and why and by whom established. Therefore, wander through the "dark" imagination of their darkened consciousness. If BB was created out of nothing, how we came? When our Creator? Is there anyone aware of the science that tries to understand and reassure you that the idea of ​​the rest of the true causes of the phenomenon.
Why science thinks it will have a better view at a distance of several billion light-years, rather than, say, at a distance of about one light-second (our moon).
Do the scientists answer to my question (I possess detailed evidence) why our moon has always, one and the same side to the earth? This solution gives a lot of knowledge and stew many nebulous theories such as Einstein, Lorentz and the like. Even, it shows that neither Kepler's laws are not correct. The heavenly bodies have a universal way of movement. It shows evidence of my month.
Who has the courage to ask to disclose my work. Then they collapsed many Nobel prizes, not to mention the various looming tycoon-scientists.

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To answer this question, one must know the structure of the universe, that means you need to know what matter and energy and how they are formed. Because in science today, there are people who want to learn something new, I do not need to set out a detailed description of what occurs with matter and energy. All the above discussions are related to lack of knowledge of the above-mentioned problems.
Energy produced by forming gluons, and the ratio of gluons and ether from which the forming material, caused by magnetism. So energy is resulting imbalance between ether and gluons and gluon is a "reservoir" of energy, created annihilation electrons and positrons.

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I agree only that this was written is true so far as science has no idea about the origin of magnetism,
Magnetism can not exist if there is no connection between the magnetic poles, and the connection is established using the magnetic lines of force. Single-pole magnet could be, only then, if the strength of the magnet and the endless lines of force would be the direction that goes somewhere in infinity.
When causes a magnetism? This up to date science has not figured out, and I think my understanding of this, point the stakeholders to understand, this is not complicated. Magnetism is a residual "family relationship" between gluons and ether, infinite that fills the universe, and of that ether was formed substances.
Gluon's "liquid" energy state of ether caused the formation of matter.
I'll tell you this, it's worth more than the Nobel Prize, and this is not attributable to itself, but this is my copyright. Gluon resulting annihilation of pairs of electrons and positrons, and in particular the thermodynamic conditions of the forming material, and is formed of gluons photon (pozitrini is traveling in a straight line, and the electrini-rotated around it and to form electro magnetic wave, which with the aid of ether forming light.
Keep this in mind if you try to go from that to further knowledge, it would be unfair not to acknowledge to my discovery.
This I had to write, because it's time that many orient to accept the existence of spiritual entities of the universe, without which there is no power to create all formed of matter and energy.

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From this we can see that science does not understand how matter is formed and what antimatter.
My position, I think it will be accepted one day:
Matter arises from the high vibrations of the same ether, formed when the quarks and gluons that hold them together.
Quarks are the "solid" ether obtained in the string sections.
Gluons were "liquid state" when the air "evaporate receive the electrons and positrons, which are joined by the composition of matter.
Elements of antimatter and matter, in the creation of matter, formed a "condensed state" energy in the form of gluons. This doctrine has not yet been realized not realized, because they stupefy the theory of the Big Bang.
For a detailed explanation, I am available, if one of the scientists not to deal with it.

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