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I'm thinking of starting a M&M-inspired campaign, only using mythic Greece as the setting instead of Mythika. The campaign will lead up to a war with Atlantis. Does a version of Atlantis exist in Mythika? It's been a long time since I've read over all the books and supplements.


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Wonderful to see this!

I found this in my files, and I don't know if I ever published it anywhere.

Risus One-Page Steampunk Wild West Campaign

“The War of Southern Independence was six years done, and the triumphant Federal Union was pursuing its dream of Manifest Destiny from sea to shining sea. Those who fought and died in vain for states’ rights had no choice but to forswear their independence and accept Resstoration. Some never did, and those few found themselves drifting - going to the furthest edges of the continent to the lands less civilized, some barely settled, where the Union might not dictate their lives. These were rough places, and work was hard to come by. Those who got by lived by a simple code: ‘Any job, no questions asked.’”

The setting: An alternate America, circa 1871, where history has followed the same broad outlines as ours, with some very different details. There was a kind of Civil War, and the South lost there, too. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and Ulysses S. Grant is now President. However, science has produced a “non-explosive” form of hydrogen, called “phlogiston”, which is used in lighter-than-air vessels. Clockwork automatons are becoming more common.

The premise: The PCs are the ragtag crew of a cobbled-together phlogiston-ship, trying to scratch out a more-or-less honest living on the Western frontier (mostly by cargo runs and smuggling) and keeping out of the way of the Union. The crew is driven by the necessity to earn enough to keep their ship operational, as well as to keep a low profile to avoid notice by the Union authorities.

Alternate Premise: The PCs are notorious outlaws, secretly working for the Federal governor in exchange for amnesty. Nobody knows this except for the territorial governor. They have to keep their arrangement secret because working with known outlaws could be a political liability for the governor.

Opponents include:
Criminals and schemers, who can be enemies, allies, employers, or a combination of all three.
Union authorities and agents, who take a dim view of the borderline-criminal activities the PCs are often forced to undertake.
Ex-Confederates (the Konspiracy) who conspire to overthrow the Union; zealous, paranoid, and dangerous.
Ghost Dancers: Native American mystic warriors following a messianic leader who promises to bring back the buffalo herds and take back the lands stolen from them by the Union.

Adventure Seeds:
The PCs are approached by a of a wealthy Japanese tourist and his family, who want to tour America without frills. They are willing to pay an exorbitant sum, but some of their requests seem… non-touristy. Are they spies of Meiji Japan, out to spy on American secrets, or are they just slightly eccentric?
Legitimate jobs are few and far between these days because of recent Union activity in this area. The ship is running low on phlogiston, and the crew must decide on taking on safe, low-paying jobs, or to take a risky, high-paying job that would compromise their principles.
An old war buddy calls on the PCs, cashing in on a large favor. Trouble is, it runs the risk of bringing the PCs to the attention of the Union. Even worse, NOT doing the job means that Konfederacy conspirators will come after the old war buddy… and if you’re not working WITH the Konspiracy, you’re working AGAINST them!

Action Girl
Bounty Hunter
Cattle Puncher
Cattle Rustler
Clockwork Creature
Confederate Veteran
Damsel in Distress
Determined Widow
Famous Literary Character
Fictionalized Historical Character
Gentleman Adventurer
Gentleman and a Scholar
Hired Gun
Lady of Adventure
Mad Scientist
Master of Disguise
Mechanical Monster
Mr. Fixit
Officer and a Gentleman
Proper Lady
Rail Baron
Sky Baron
Sky Pilot
Sky Pirate
Soiled Dove (Hooker with a Heart of Gold)
Spirited Young Lady
Steampunk Gadgeteer
Town Drunk
Train Robber
Wrench Wench

Is there an online index for Pyramid Magazine articles? I've got a vague recollection of one from many years ago, but I can't remember the title. It was about Ancient Greece with high tech. Sorry I can't be more specific.


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Short of sitting around a table playing RuneQuest or HQG, there is no better way to get to know Glorantha - King of Dragon Pass currently 75% on Steam...

Hi there,
I'm looking for some terminology for different types of spells, like hex, cantrip, glamor, jinx, charm, enchantment, etc. I'm mainly interested in terms that have a real-world meaning of some kind, but anything that comes to mind would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Hi, I'm Guy. Have been a Star Trek fan since it first went into syndication. LLAP, y'all.

Almost all we know about The Federation comes through a Starfleet lens. What would life be like as a Federation civilian, in the 22nd, 23rd, or 24th centuries?

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