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First of all I must say : I'm a newbie, so please be patient !

I'm installing a matrix (5 x4) of LED-spotlights (12V DC) in the ceiling of our living room.

I haven't decided which home automation software to use (been looking at Domoticz as I could run it on my Synology NAS), but OpenHAB maybe looks more promising, installed on a RasPi 2, as I read that it could send out DMX (or is DMX overkill for my "project" ? If so how to do it ?) ...

Therefore I want to ask this community about my "project" ...

So, I want OpenHAB to control (dim) each LED-spotlight individual, over Ethernet (LAN), so we can program "zones of light" in our living room ...

So I basically need a 20-channel low power 12V DC LED-spot dimmer
I know there are tons of relais-cards out there that can be hooked up to the LAN and controlled by OpenHAB, but now I need to dim (PWM ?) these 12V DC spotlights over LAN ...

Arduino DMX shield ?

or a USB-DMX dongle ?

connecting the DMX to OpenHAB (running on a RasPi) by USB, and sending the DMX signal to these DMX LED dimmers ?

... then, making dimmers in OpenHAB for each of the 27 DMX channels ?

Does this make sense ?
Could this work ?

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