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Tabled Pot Cluster: Simple Beauty
Always a good day, learning something new.  Pot cluster in terra cotta drew my eye, then saw the scalloped metal trays to catch water.  They seem to be from the kitchen, a tart tin? . Where I would like to place a table top pot cluster, front porch or back ...

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Planting for the Deep Future
Yesterday, walking the sidewalks in our tiny historic district, I was stopped in my tracks.  Curiosity at first, then, seeing it was 'real', a remembered line came to mind, "Don't let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, t...

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Color: Parts Department Overhaul
Today, yesterday also, and rest of the week, our parts department is awaiting paint.  Finally.  Amazingly, I keep finding chairs/tables to tote over to the menagerie.  This phase is metal.  Colors you see, below, robin's egg blue, from my previous 30 year g...

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Controlling an Unsightly View in the Garden
Almost 2 years in our ca. 1900 farmhouse, the pantry still has issues.  Two rotting shelf boards were replaced and the entire pantry painted, but beyond that point of necessity, work remains. . Another issue, is the pantry window & its view.  Living histori...

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Tasha Tudor & Robert E. Smith: Ahead of Their Time, Living in the Past
Tiny historic cottage, in Louisiana, was moved to a new site and given its historic interiors, exterior & garden, below. . Immediately, moth to flame, I noticed the historic exterior color trinity, green-brown-white, below. . And, its subsidiary color, gold...

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Garden Design: Jackie Kennedy
This is my sister's favorite era, below.  It didn't last long.  Sister, same age as tiny Caroline, below, had a terrible surprise about a year later, I showed up in a crib. . National news and Life magazine were rife with pics and film of the Kennedy's duri...

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Beloved has been clearing invasives from the woodland for over a year.  Months of clearing, months of burning, or at least waiting for burn permits to be released.  The last purge of invasives, 2 staggering mounds of trees. . We drove the Gator, before Chri...

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Partake the Chiaroscuro in Your Garden
First, who among you already partake of chiaroscuro in your garden?  Dawn, dusk, both, a favorite?   Have you ever burst outside, to partake, after unexpectedly noticing from a window?  Do you have a singular, lifetime moment, chiaroscuro in your garden? . ...

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Classic Garden Furniture
Deep narrative.  Over a period of years shrub/tree, below, lovingly pruned into a thing of beauty & function.  How do I know?  Aside from the obvious, had a witch hazel tree in my 30 year cottage garden, I pruned the same. . Layers of this story, below, tim...

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Low Tech Hidden Fence
Often when fences go into a landscape, they can be hidden in plain view, below. . Better, the fence, hidden in foliage, can be simple, posts & rolled wire. Pic, above, here . . Small children, pets, a pool, many reasons for a fence in the garden.  No reason...
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