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Landscape Design: Squares & Rectangles
Plain, below, functional, cubist, calm.  Oddly, playful.  More than a style for gardeners, a style for anyone not 'wanting' a garden too, content with the foundation plantings/lawn/annuals miasma. Pic, above, here . Pic, above, here . . Gardens of squares &...

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Forest Bathing
Nice sentiment, below, but too small. . Long before cell phones, I knew what gardens provide.  More, I think tapping into my garden is what addicts hope to gain from drugs, alcohol etc. . Going into my garden I forget what time it is, what day, hunger does ...

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What Simplicity Provides
Extreme simplicity in a garden creates the best focal point. . Pic, above, here . . YOUR LIFE. . Myriad layers of simplicity allow for the depths & heights of your life. . Oh my the well fought battle, above, for simplicity. . "A woman with a closet full of...

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Binding House to Site: Focal Point & Enfilade
A current client, 14 acres, and well tucked into their property, built a new home to look like a historic home.  At the first visit I fell for the ruse, thought they had renovated an antebellum home. . The lane leading to their gravel drive is a single lane...

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Sighting A Hedge for Screening
Hiding a view, the closer your plantings the faster the hiding. . Neighbor's house, below, is quite close already, the design/placement of planting close, an automatic. . If the neighbor's house were 100' away, still site the evergreen hedge where it is.  N...

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Middle Class Cost Saving
I did something recently that clients do when we're installing their garden.  Used my middle class skill set to 'save money'.  Oh yes, gonna save money.  Most jobs, clients increase the scope of the project within 24 hours of starting.  What?  Their money t...

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Tiny Garden Respite
Probably slapdash, below.  Yet fine tuned, inherent.  Barrel & half barrel collateral from their Vins & Liqueurs.  Even the colors echo from building to barrel.  Sited in equal asymmetry as the architecture, and function.  Finally, the trinity of pots/plant...

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Grave Site Garden Design
Hardest job I've done.  He hired me, the 1st time, about 4 years ago.  Now, he's under the black frames, below. . He & his wife became the fun couple to see on Facebook.  Always together, mostly in the Caribbean during winter, home a few days, perhaps a qui...

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In Lieu of Green Meatballs
Friends in a 30+ year old home, with its original green meatball foundation planting mentioned taking them all out.  Wildly, I mentioned, Perhaps Not.  Especially since there are almost 40 green meatballs.  Plenty of scope for the imagination. . Have fun wi...

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Muse Answers the Right Questions Not Only those Asked
An interesting project is on my vintage portable wallpapering 'desk'.  Hired for their swimming pool, it has entirely too many plants.  The pool is rocking an outdoor kitchen, dining room, living room, huge Las Vegas style fire ring table, waterfalls, and o...
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