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you are reading this on Google + which is a social network site that has your info. thats why. 
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Let us hope that the supreme court makes the correct decision in the case they are hearing atm which began today. if you don't know, get to knowing and pay attn.
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whats new? apparently me remembering I have a G+ account...thats what is new. so... how goes it?
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election day have all put up with my political posts about both candidates all year without deleting me...good job! you are a true friend lol!
in the end, i don't care who you vote for, just so long as you vote. sure i say a lot of stuff about delete me if you support romney...that was to get rid of the really dumb ones. We all have our opinions and mine happens to be that romney is pretty much the antichrist of womens as well as basic human rights and that an evil dishonest bastard like him and his lackey Paul Ryan, lets just call him damien (yes dan quail relenquished his title) and will just ruin this country more and more...keep in mind with all this that I doubt obama will do much better with anything regarding jobs or the economy, but at least he won't take away my most basic rights as a human or a woman. in other words, i would prefer you dont cast your vote for the mysoginistic antichrist ticket, just go with the semi evil, human rights advocate, drone sending black guy we have had for the past four years...cuz ya know, even though he is our only hope, writing in Obi Wan Kenobi really won't do anything to help that evil, lying, woman hating ticket from winning.

My name is Dusti, and I approve this msg. :)
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if you have Raleys near you, Don't shop there! i have a few friends that work for the company who are on strike. pls support them by not shopping at raleys, food source or purchasing nob hill products :)
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Slash tonight at the Roseland.
can you say stoked? 
I can :)
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"If you approve of smaller budgets and bigger battleships, join the party"

hillarious and very well done
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whats this? i now have a reason to respect someone in the republican party? no way! perhaps the end of days is coming lol.

kidding aside...this is very well stated and layed out. Im effing amazed actually, as me complimenting a member of this political party is VERY rare.
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issues with clear...if your thinking of using them, read this, you may think again.

the attached link is clears acceptable use policy, its lengthy...but here is the part that matters

"The Service provided to you is intended for reasonable, periodic, non-continuous use by a person using a computing device, consistent with the type of use made by a typical individual consumer of our Internet services. Examples of allowed uses of our Service include web surfing, sending and receiving email, sending and receiving photographs, occasional on-line gaming, and the occasional non-continuous streaming of videos and downloading of files. Examples of uses of our Service that are not permitted include: the continuous unattended streaming, downloading or uploading of videos or other files; maintaining an unattended or continuous uninterrupted connection to the Internet, such as through a web camera or machine to machine connections that do not involve active participation by a person; or operating an Internet hosting service, such as web hosting or gaming hosting."

so once i got an internet connection back, i started a chat. He kept dodging my question...what defines "abnormal usage" (as he referred to it in our first convo) according to it so many GB per day? what? So after the rep in chat dodging the question numerous times, repeating himself about download and upload speeds, though i told him it was about having a connection or not having one and that I could care less what the DL and UL speeds are as I chose the cheapest fucking plan, which is unlimited access to the internet. Now, i do play my playstation, but not online. i dont play online games like WoW. Sure i upload stuff from time to time and all...but not anymore than the avg person if you ask me and I watch netflix after work at night for a couple hours...hell, WoW fanatics and bloggers are online more than me at home. So after much BS and beating around the bush about all that noise, he mentions the TOS and gives me a link telling me i would find my answer there...a definition of what is "abnormal usage". I tell him im reading and to pls hold. I read thru the TOS and do not find an answer. at this point he has sent 2 more msgs saying we must have got disconnected...which we didn't. so i sign back into chat...wound up getting the same guy...what are the odds??? here is how the second convo went...way to go clear, way to go. you have surpassed comcast as shittiest customer service EVER. thats impressive

Dusti S: im back

Dusti S: you didnt lose me

Dusti S: i was there the whole time

Arik: Thank you for contacting Clear. So I can help, may I please have your full name and the 10 digits of your phone number?

Dusti S: and your link gave me NO answer

Dusti S: i just chatted with you dude

Dusti S: finished reading the TOS and there was no answer to my question

Dusti S: so again, what is abnormal use of your service?

Arik: I am really sorry, but we will not be able to resolve your speed issue at this time. All you need to do is to refrain from downloading large file in the meantime or streaming videos or play online games so your connection speed will be back to normal.

Dusti S: uhhh, answer my damn question

Dusti S: stop avoiding it like the plague and answer it

Dusti S: if you have no answer, tell me that honestly and i will contact someone tomorrow who should know

Dusti S: its good to know you were either born with the ability or clear gave you training, but you are quite good at avoiding a topic and question

Arik: Sorry, but to be honest we do not have an answer to your question. (see other bolded portion above...didnt he tell me i would find an answer?)

Dusti S: that is all I needed. thank you

1st...when did i mention speed in this convo? also remember i mentioned telling him speed wasnt the fkkn issue in the 1st place.

2nd...why didnt he just tell me he had no answer in the 1st place? why did he send me to the TOS page and tell me i would find an answer there?

BBB here i come :)

chat convo from this morning with a sales guy instead of tech support...perhaps they knew more about this policy and why it would be disconnecting, the policy should not disconnect my service, but in all the convos last night btwn phone and chat, they assumed i was having issues due to my amt of use and kept bringing up speed when my issue was is how it went.

Chat Transcript

Hello Dusti S. Please wait while we find a CLEAR specialist to help you.

Your question is: two questions that tech support couldnt answer last night. what is considered "continuous usage" in your acceptable use poicy as defined by clear. also, i have searched the site for a corporate number and cannot find one but have been told you are not allowed to give it how in the world am i supposed to get that number to take my problem to a higher level?

You have been connected to Harrison.

Harrison: Thank you for contacting Clear, my name is Harrison. So I can help, can I please have your first and last name?

Dusti S: my name is in the chat, you dont need my info to answer my questions

Dusti S: and your automatic greetings are insulting

Harrison: I apologize for the inconvenience.

Dusti S: again with the automated responses, are you people that work there robots or something?

Harrison: I understand that you need assistance with clarifying continuous usage per the Acceptable Use Policy.

Harrison: I will do my best to help you.

Dusti S: wow, im glad you understand, didnt think it was that complicated of a question

Dusti S: i also want to know how to get ahold of your HQ, i was told last night the number could be found online, its nowhere on your site

Dusti S: i have been given the run around from you guys since last night about the service you provide and I want answers

Dusti S: what i am asking for is very simple in my mind but it seems to throw you people into a frenzy, stuttering over your answers and giving BS the answer is in your terms of service...which it is NOT. you have no definition of what you consider "continuous use" in your acceptable use policy. so, if it is not defined, how does one know if they are in violation and has a reason for their speeds to be cut. however, my problem isnt with the speed cut. i could care less about the UL and DL speeds i get. my complaint is that i get completely disconnected from the internet and cannot even access email.

Dusti S: and technically, with the type of service, your customers are always continuously connected to the internet and will always have some level of signal to their router. so what the heck man? it makes zero sense

Dusti S: am i talking to thin air here?

Dusti S: hello?

Harrison: What the policy is referring is the continuous usage of the service like the continuous unattended streaming, downloading or uploading of videos or other files; maintaining an unattended or continuous uninterrupted connection to the Internet, such as through a web camera or machine to machine connections that do not involve active participation by a person; or operating an Internet hosting service, such as web hosting or gaming hosting.

Dusti S: i dont do that

Harrison: I will be happy to check on your account to help you with your speed issues.

Dusti S: but yet my service is affected, they say i have my service probs due to that but im not streaming continuously, i watch netflix like any other person, a movie a night. sure i have updates to DL for the comp and playstation...but im not file sharing or hosting anything, i got the cheap service cuz im poor

Dusti S: my issue isnt speed

Harrison: I would be happy to help you further. Would you verify the account please by telling me your Mother's middle name?

Dusti S: as ive said

Dusti S: its connectivity

Dusti S: but it seems like you attribute my disconnections for hours to the acceptable use policy

Dusti S: i could care less what my DL and UL speeds are. I expect to STAY CONNECTED to the internet and not have the lights on my modem chase themselves...MAKE SENSE? and what about that phone number?

Harrison: I am sorry, but we do not have a direct number to our headquarters. But you can call us at 888-888-3113.

Dusti S: forget about the speed talking about my service going out completely and you guys are the ones that brought up the reasoning of it being because of the acceptable use policy

Dusti S: why couldnt they tell me that last night?

Dusti S: about the number

Dusti S: all they told me was they couldnt give it out

Dusti S: you people really need to get your crap together over there, your communication btwn depts is horrible

Dusti S: so, why is it that you guys keep leading me to believe it is because of the acceptable use policy that my service keeps cutting out for hours on a regular basis...completely cuts out, lights on modem play tag with one another, more fun than watching paint dry, but not for long

Dusti S: by service, i mean i am not connected, not that i have slow DL or UL speed, I AM NOT CONNECTED to the web which I pay for UNLIMITED ACCESS regardless of speed...that is my issue

Dusti S: am i making myself pun intended there

Harrison: Yes, and if you are experiencing this issue now, I will do my best to troubleshoot your modem and connection.

Dusti S: if i was experiencing the prob now, i wouldnt be chatting with you, notice im not bitching about the speed in which my internet is running right now

Harrison: And I would just like to tell you that Clear will never completely cut your connection due to issues with the Terms of Service.

Dusti S: however you have yet to answer my other original question. what does clear define as "continuous use" is it more than one movie? more than so many GB per time period? is it a tv show? is it me chatting with you for more than 5 more mins? what is Continuous use as defined by clear?

Dusti S: and i disagree they wouldnt cut service due to acceptable use or TOS....cuz it has happend to me and it seems like the answer i get from you is that it is because i have netflix and watch a movie or tv show after work

Dusti S: my internet goes completely out more often than it has with any other service i have had for internet

Harrison: You may experience show slowness on your speed if you will use a high amount of network capacity.

Dusti S: chasing lights on my modem doesnt indicate slow speed

Dusti S: it indicates lack of connection entirely

Dusti S: so it wouldnt matter how slow your POS network is at the time

Dusti S: unless the slowness of your network is the reason my signal is so weak that it wont connect to my turn making my modem lights chase themselves

Dusti S: and if that is the case then it is your acceptable use policy disconnecting me from service that i pay for

Dusti S: can you see why i am confused here? is what i am asking that difficult to understand? or is it that you dont actually have an answer you can give me that is correct

Harrison: Yes, I agree with. If your modem has a chasing light, it is not a speed issue.

Harrison: If your speed is slow, it may be because you are under a data speed regulation.

Harrison: But if you cannot completely connect, it may be due to several reasons.

Harrison: One of them is that the signal in your area is weak or there is interference.

Dusti S: ok...i have 4 towers around me according to support last night

Harrison: What I can suggest is that you please contact us if your modem light starts chasing so that we can help you troubleshoot the issue.

Dusti S: been there, done that, tech dept is rude and no help, i know more about networks than them.

Dusti S: we have got off the other issue, which is a definition from clear of what exactly is "continuous use" and when would a customer know if they are in violation of it

Dusti S: because with no definition of it, how are your customers supposed to know if they are violating it and having speeds cut (again my speed isnt the issue, but think this comes into play due to previous convos with people at clear who brought it up when i first brought my complaint to you)

Dusti S: it was your company that told me about acceptable use when i first brought this complaint last night...because like you in the beginning, they were stuck on connection speed being my problem

Dusti S: so, do you have a definition for me? because if not I dont see how it is enforceable

Dusti S: am i going to continue to have this problem? because if you can tell me that i wont, i may call and not cancel my service which is set to end once what i have paid for is up at the end of the month

Harrison: The only definition that I have for continuous use is the one that I have already provided to you.

Dusti S: that is not a definition

Dusti S: mostly because if i download a music file, which i do maybe once every couple months...due to my speed i expect it to take a while so of course im going to walk away from my computer and let it download. with the service i get i expect the slow download speed and dont bitch about it, but it seems like it affects my service as a whole because you see it as abnormal. how in the hell am i supposed to not be continuously using it in this instance? again, this is something i do NOT do every day

Dusti S: and by your definition of continuous use, your customers shouldnt have netflix and use the instant service because it will affect their internet service due to continuous use

Dusti S: ya know, since you cant clearly define what is continuous use is. customers could be halfway through a movie after getting home from work, then worry about turning it off due to internet going out becuase they need to pay online bills later after they wind down...yes this is an extreme example, but shows my point

Dusti S: how do i get ahold of someone higher than a supervisor in customer service or tech support

Harrison: We will be happy to further discuss this with you.

In order to do so though, you will need to call us at 888-888-3113 and speak with our Account Services Department. They are open 24/7.

Dusti S: do you see my point? i am asking you as a person, not a robotic employee of clearwire

Harrison: I am sorry, but I cannot refer you to an specific person.

Dusti S: i dont need a specific person man, just want to know how to get above a supervisor when i call

Harrison: You can actually request for the manager to discuss the issue and the manager will take your call.

Dusti S: ok cool... so did you see my point? again, i ask you that as a person, not you being some robot for clearwire

Dusti S: in other words, give me a real answer, not some regurgitated BS from your training

Harrison: Yes, I see your point and I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

Harrison: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Dusti S: nope, thanks harrison, i will call and speak with someone higher up...hopefully i dont run into my normal prob of "the higher i go, the dumber they get" have a good one

what a fucking tool
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The "How the earth was made" series is awesome. Avail on netflix instant
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