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Iggy Reiki in healing
Reiki Classes, Reiki Shares, Reiki Treatments - Meditation and Wakefulness - Sound Therapy - Crystals
Reiki Classes, Reiki Shares, Reiki Treatments - Meditation and Wakefulness - Sound Therapy - Crystals


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“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes everyday - unless you're too busy ; then you should sit for an hour.” -old zen adage

Reiki Level 1 Class 2nd - 3rd July in Kent.
Spaces are limited.

Book now

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Osho Neo Reiki - First Degree with Reiki Master Iggy
at Osho Leela 13-15 May


We have to drop the desire to plan for everything in our life. Planning is a golden trap. It makes us feel secure but it will not allow the moment to be fully lived.
Always remind yourself that life is creativity, and creativity is life.
They need that we always respond to the present moment, according to our present moment, and not through a preorganized answer or a mechanical behaviour.

Family Active Meditation tomorrow 4.00-5.30pm in East London. Few places available, check it out !

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Happy New Year of the Monkey!
In Chinese astrology each year is associated with a Chinese zodiac animals sign
and one of the five elements. If born in a multiple-of-12 year, like 1980, you are a Monkey :)

Please check my website for new upcoming classes

We have been educated to love and respect diversity but in practical we continuously operate by divisions. Have you ever asked yourself why?
We have been taught to think in terms of communion, of unity but in reality we mostly live in separation and in fear of diversity.
Make this point very clear in your mind.
In each situation of your life think: am i operating in unity or in division? Am i accepting or fighting the situation? Am I allowing the unknown to enter or i am closing the door to it.
The macroscopic problems of all countries are the microscopic problems of our everyday life.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" (M Gandhi)

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Suicide is one of the ugliest thing that a human can do. It is all about the ego. In nature no one else commit suicide. There is no other species that commit suicide. No flower, no tree, no fish, no bird, no one else apart the human.
It is time for the old human to start the alchemic process of becoming a newhuman. This is a deep urge now and Meditation is the tool for transformation. It needs to be taught since nursery and primary schools and become a fundamental part of the curriculum in all countries. The newhuman will be a loving, peaceful and compassionate being.
And this can only happen when all beliefs are gone, ego is gone, and only awareness remains.
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