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Many +PlusPorts were signed during this 1st +H.I.R.L. event in February's 1st #nychirl  (Hangout In Real Life) and the second one was held in August 2012 = #nychirl2  
+H.I.R.L. MEGA BONUS TERRIFIC video featuring footage, pics, and music
from #nychirl and other #hirls

+matthew rappaport takes you through it and some great music from +Daria Musk and +Ryan Van Sickle


Enjoy a ton of amazing PLUSStars ! !

Epic H.I.R.L. Video with Bonus #nychirl and more #hirl Adventures!

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+Tim Clary was BORN a +PlusPorts MAN!!!
The man with a house on his back! +Tim Clary! He also has a +PlusPorts which is more important than anything he has strapped to his back :p

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Nice to see both +Brett Bjornsen and +Daria Musk as well as Bobba Fett had their +PlusPorts while +H.I.R.L.'n down in +SXSW!

The weekend looked like a lot of fun despite Mother Nature and for the rest of you enjoying the remainder of #sxsw ... ROCK AND ROLL ...and See some Indie Films & Mingle with the Palo Alto Bunch !
Adventures of Bobblehead Fett
Two-fer Tuesday

So, on the way home from the office, +BobbleFett and I discovered that a Five Guys opened a mile from the house. Needless to say, that's what's for dinner.

Also, while checking the mail I found my PlusPort waiting . Thanks for getting it here just in time for my trip to the Austin SXG+ +HIRL ...
+Brian McDonald . You rock man! +PlusPorts are awesome.

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Awesome to see Mara Mascaro get her beautiful +H.I.R.L. Logo'd +PlusPorts so she can be all set for all her future +Hangout IRL s including H.I.R.L. ITALY
Happy happy Mara ^______________________________^
thanks +Brian McDonald :******************************************

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EPIC filled out +PlusPorts from #nychirl !!
Memories+ stored away right one of my many to come +PlusPorts!
Thanks +Brian McDonald +Daniel Enloe +Bobbi Jo Woods +Tiffany Henry +Chee Chew and +God ....and probably +Mini-Supes for making my Dreams come true.. so many signatures, H.I.R.L.'s out til summer next month..

HOW +matthew rappaport Does a PLUSPORT!

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They all met and sang and got groovy+ together!
This past weekend in NYC will always live in my heart. I want to take a moment and thank some of the G+rgeous people I had the honor to meet, huG+, laugh with, and sing for. To see you singing the words right back, meant the universe to me! I dare say NYC will never be the same... At least for me.

When my friend and fellow musician +James Casey, who's played every club in NYC at least 100 times, walked into The Living Room last Friday night... He said, "This is definitely not the average hometown crowd." And he was so right! It was a crowd of G+niuses. ;)

+Tiffany Henry Fiercest and most gorgeous chick around. Thank you so dearly for your amazing dedication organizing and getting all our G+ ducks in a row. Your kindess is only matched by your badassness. ;)

+matthew rappaport Our funny fearless weekend leader and Hangout Conversationalist. Thank you so much for all your hard work and heart poured into the shape of the most magical weekend in NYC.

+RAM Rich I'm overjoyed that the world is seeing and hearing your brilliance. Rockin double-duty on bass and keys simultaneously is just the beginning... I'm so excited for all the songs, performances and adventures to come. No stage is complete without you standing on it with me. :)

+Jamie Richard Flying into JFK with 150 of ethernet cable to make the concert global with an On-Air-Hangout!? Truly above and beyond! Like 30,000 feet above! ;) Thank you sooo much! You're the best ally! And now The Living Room knows where it gets it's internet from! Haha

+Linc Williams Thank you for coming in from Virginia to hanG+ and film the concert! I can't wait to work more together! Look so tough, but so sweet! ;) Thank you for the amazinG+ photo I used in this post! My heart skipped with joy when I saw it!

+Bobbi Jo Woods G+rl, you crazy fun! Thank you so much for everything you did to put this together!! I'm so happy we got to hanG+ and laugh and photobomb! I still wish you'd made GIANT versions of your #HAWT #PLUSTHAT #YOUREMUTED etc signs to hold up at the show! LOL!

+Carter Gibson Carcar. Your spirit and heart are pure gold. Thank you for you. Everything you said. Everything you are. The look on your face when I saw you in the crowd... I'll cherish it forever. Baby, you've got a bestie for life. ♥

+Superdave Houdini Meralus You really are super. ;) So kind, so cool. Hey y'all don't be confused by what you read... He's frontin'! Mr. Super is a lover not a hater, who gives lil singer/songwriters roses on stage.

+Al Ebnereza I'm breathing... LOL! You too fun man. I promise to drag my bro +Sage Musk along next time so you guys can try to cover as many languages as possible in one conversation!

+Vivienne Gucwa I am so so so pumped to spend more time together girl! I picked the best seat in the house at our after-concert party when I sat next to you! I think we've got some killer collabs up our sleeves... NYC ain't seen the last of you and me. :)

+anthony feliciano Sweetest guy, sweetest pipes. Man, you hustled those download cards like you were sellin' hotcakes. That was just so kind!! Can't wait to hang, sing and get to know ya more!

+Marsha Reid Your big winter coat must've been hiding some massive wings... Such an angel you is! 0:) I had a ball with ya at the show and you were so so kind to look out for me and my merch too... And like we explained to Dave, we're clearly sistas... ;)

+Lynette Young The woMAN of Google+! Such a rockstar. I'm so happy we finally met! Thank you for your love of music, your fearless spirit and your supportive heart. Can we team up on some seriously awesome stuff already!? ;)

+Tim Clary I feel truly blessed that I too, got to boldly wear your hat, that so many men (and women) have worn before. Heehee! Fingers-crossed I make your G+ art strip some day soon! Huge hugs!

+Bronwyn McGuckin You move me! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your story with me. Knowing that my songs meant something in your life? Means everything to mine. So happy to know ya girl!

+Ronald Boadi Two secret santas walk into a bar... ;) Dude could you be more awesome? I'm so happy we met! I gotta get back to SF and visit!

+Paul Roustan We've come such a long way from the life-sized cut-outs! Haha! You such a cool cat and I really would love to work together!! Just with less nakeyness than your other models. ;)

+Michael Marotta You made it buddy! I'm so happy you were with us! Next time come carry an amp or two!! ;)

+Steve Anthony Herrera My TEDmate! Thank you for laughing in the face of the concert lion with me! Wearing the t-shirt backwards? Coolest move ever! :)

+Derek Ross Man, you gave me one of my favorite memories of the night. You jam like no other in the crowd! "I wanna be your girl, yeah yeah yeah!!!" That truly and honestly meant so much to me. ♥

+Alex Angelides Such great hugs and jammin in the audience!

+Jay Zalowitz Too fun! Thank you for being there!!

+Robert Redl All the way from Austria!! Thank you for bringing the global family we love right into the room with us! :)

+Joe Martinez Thank you so much for rocking out at the show sweet dude!! So happy to meet you!

+Peter G McDermott So sharp in your blazer, so HIP at HIRLing. :)

+Renata Sherwin We've HIPed twice already!? I'm so lucky! Your soothing sweetness was a perfect balance to my totally hyper excitement that night!

+Bruce Garber Bruuuce! It was so wonderful meeting you! After all those Hangout Concerts... a concert! Hugs!

+Lee Allison It was so kind of you to come out for the show! Can't wait to catch up more! Can't wait to see whatcha cookin' up next ;)

+Shefali Burns Sweet lady, you are so cool! Thank you for being there! HIP HIP Hooray!

+Cliff Roth My Hang-out-house buddy always! It was so cool to see you sketching on anything that would stay still long enough for you to hit it with a pencil!

+Scott Roth Thank you for the gorgeous photos from the show! You've got such a great eye! I was wonderful seeing you again!

+Stephanie L Davis Lady you are so lovely and fun! Had such a blast meeting you!!

+Brian McDonald Bri, your +PlusPorts are as awesome as you! Thank you for everything you did to make the weekend amazinG+!

+Daniel Enloe I wish I had been able to hit the insanely amazinG+ photowalk! The results are stunning! My stream is gleaming with brilliant shots! Can't wait to pick my winners!

+Elaine Lindsay Lady, you cracked me up in perfect moments, just when I needed it most! That laugh is contagious and I adored it! I hope I get to sing for you again soon!

+James Williams All the way from Cali-forn-i-a! So great meeting you in person!

+Aaron Wood You rock, and thank you for rocking out at the show! Can't wait to work on our first art project together! :)

+Eileen McAllister Thank you for you fabness brightening up the night!

+Kimberly Deprey I loved your shots from the show! Thank you so much for giving me a peek at it from your amazing eye! :)

+HEATHER FAY& +Ryan Van Sickle you guys were fab! Congrats on a wonderful show! So happy we got to do it all together!

There's so many more amazinG+ people like...
+Anna Lowry +Atiba Edwards +Darryl Barnes +Amy Gabriel +John Voshell Jr +Rodney Pike +Joseph Puglisi +Frank Garufi Jr. +Jeff Moreau +Vallente Romasanta +Boris Gorelik... I'm so grateful to have met you all.

I wish the night could've gone on and on and on... It zipped by and just wanted to grab each one of you and talk forever... Until the next HIP, we HANG! ;)


Ps. Hangout video of the concert to come tomorrow!!

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How Speedpainter +Cliff Roth experienced #nychirl in THE ARRIVAL
HIRL HQ Part 1 The Arrival

I joined the #NYChirl around 5:30 on Friday. My father happened to be seeing Phantom of the Opera that night so I hitched a ride with him. When I first arrived at the door to HIRL HQ I wasn't 100% sure I had the right address.

I called +matthew rappaport to let me in and an unknown female answered the phone. Next thing I know, +LisaBeth Klein welcomes me in. Figures, of all the people there, the first one I see is someone whose face I couldn't place (more on that in a bit).

Thankfully I managed to embarrass myself within the first few minutes upon arriving. Apparently I didn't completely close a bottle of water when I threw it in my bag. Consequently, one my bags leaked all over the HQ floor. +matthew rappaport's lightening quick response probably saved us all from slipping to our bloody death. I arrived toward the end of +Lee Allison's cooking show so perhaps some of you saw that fiasco in the background of the hangout.

EDIT Here is the link to that Hangout on Air:

After the mess was taking care of, I went to put my things in the 'boys bedroom'. In there +Daniel Enloe was semiconscious on one of the beds and +Paul Roustan +Rayan Bouajram +anthony feliciano +Tim Clary +James Williams +Michael Marotta and +Brian McDonald were just chilling. After talking with them for a bit and getting my +PlusPorts I went back to the main room and made my rounds saying hi to +Shefali Burns +Joseph Puglisi +Frank Garufi Jr. +Robert Redl +Rodney Pike +Bruce Garber +Alex Angelides (who I didn't recognize sans helmet) +Renata Sherwin +Bobbi Jo Woods +Joe Martinez +Michele Atwater and anyone else who was there that my pea brain can't remember off hand.

One of the most memorable conversations I had there occured between +LisaBeth Klein, +Bruce Garber and myself. At this point I still had no clue who LisaBeth was and my mind tried desperately to put together context clues to figure it out. It wasn't going well. It came up in conversation that I wasn't exactly sure who she was. The hints were leading me down the wrong path. Obvious female, Central Jersey, Name starts with L. were all leading me towards +Lynette Young but everything else seemed so wrong. Sure I haven't hung out with Lynette much but she couldn't look that that much different than I was picturing, could she?

Bruce was trying to clue me in by spelling LisaBeth's name out, but mentally I had his audio muted. My brain was on ful panic mode. Desperately I tred to confirm whether or not she was Lynette (though I was very doubtful) so I brought up a Hangout that Lynette and I did with +Chris Brogan to demonstrate hangouts for a group of people. Her lack of knowledge of this hangout clinched that it wasn't Lynette (whew) though I still didn't know who she was. When her name was revealed I came to the rapid conclusion that I didn't recognize her because we have never met (in hangouts or otherwise). Talk about an awkward conversation. I am glad I met her, though as she seems and awesome person.

After the group from the 4PM Google tour returned, we headed to the concert.

To Be Continued .......

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+matthew rappaport filled out ALL THE +PlusPorts and can't wait to see all the cool looking ones to come! #plusports #nychirl
G+ Night/Morning/DAYafterHIRL . . .

If ya need me, leave me a massage note .... thanks!

Maybe leave me one of many nice messages in say.. one of those +PlusPorts
What would you sign to me?! Go for it, gimme a sneak preview+

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+Ryan Van Sickle rocking his plusport at the #NYCHIRL !

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Reserve yours!
With time running out until the NYC HIRL, I wanted to put a feeler out for fans of the #Plusport design as there may be a possibility of me printing it out through a NY-based printer.

The big trouble is me spending all the money on the printing, as a limited 50-copy run is all I can afford. At 330+ dollars to print, I would hate to get them done and have there be no one willing to pay for them. It looks like they will be under $10, at the minimum $8. Naturally, higher quantities ordered would equal a lower per booklet cost, but I can't afford that without pre-orders, and there isn't enough time to track people down for money when I need the printing process started immediately.

This project wasn't made with profits in mind, more based around something that we could all use to make our experiences better, so I don't want this to seem like a business move to any of you. As long as the printing is paid for, I'll be happy.

Would you want one, and would you be willing to spend that kind of money on it? If you are interested, my paypal address is
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