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Ignorance cannot prevail.
Ignorance cannot prevail.


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I do find it quite hilarious while simultaneously depressing that people are STILL predicting the end of the world even today.

This has gone too far.

The amount of depressed psychopaths who just want to see the world end and burn just sickens me to the core.


If you really think everything will come to an end on the 23rd of September, then I would probably recommend seeing a therapist. This is not a good sign of mental health.

List of failed predictions:

The Mandela Effect

I've just about had it with people losing their minds over something this fucking stupid.

If you don't know, the Mandela Effect is the coined name of the phenomenon of when a large amount of people think something happened exactly like this in the past but it actually went exactly like that.

A perfect example of this is the 1980 film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in which Darth Vader says "No, I am your father". However, for some weird reason quite a lot of people swear remember him saying "Luke, I am your father."... Thus everyone goes crazy.

A lot of woo-peddlers seem to believe that the reason this kind of stuff happens is because of travel between other parallel universes. (I'm serious, people really do believe this bollocks).

The main problem is that human memory has already been well-documented to being unreliable. That's one of the reasons why in a court case, the court always has bias towards forensic scientific evidence instead of an eye-witness testimony. People can have shitty memory... I have shitty memory, a lot of people do. Our brains fuck with us all the time.

Also the star wars thing... Come on guys, context. Luke skywalker literally says before that eternal line "He told me you killed him." And then Vader says "No, I am your father". It wouldn't have made sense if he said "Luke, I am your father." The "Luke" replaced the "No" most likely because when we talk about the scene if it had "No" in it it would sound weird, but IN the scene it would sound weird if it said "Luke." Context, guys. Context.

It also doesn't make sense with all this "parallel universe" drivel. If there's an infinite number of parallel universes, then chances are the difference between this universe and another would be more drastic than just a single word in that iconic line.

Rant over, but I'll be here all week folks.

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So true it hurts.


Yay! It's time to start a shitstorm! :D

If both Heaven and Hell exist as eternal worlds to live in after death, then God is a sadistic twat for creating both realms of meaningless, pointless, existence.

Let me explain it mathematically.

1/1 is 1. That is 1/1 = 1 or 100%. All of it. Every last bit of it. If you had a lifespan that was only 1 day long, 1 day out of that 1 day life is literally all of it. It means everything.

Now imagine a 2 day life. 1 day out of that 2 day life is 50%. Although it isn't 100% of this 2 day life, it's still 50%: a fairly large amount of the 2 day life.

In a 10 day life, 1 day is worth only 10%. Much less than before, but still a semi-decent worth.

In 100 day life, 1 day is only worth 1%. 1 day means extremely little compared to everything else.

And so on, and so forth.

Now imagine this: Imagine a life lasting for an eternity. Infinity. It literally never ends. Unlimited time.

What's 1 day worth in that infinite life? 0%.

What's 100 days worth in an infinite life? 0%.

What's a million days worth in an infinite life? 0%.

What's a centillion (1 with 303 zeroes after it) days worth in an infinite life? 0%.

What's a googleplex days worth in an infinite life? 0%.

What's a graham's number (largest number to be used in a mathematical problem) days worth in an infinite life? Literally 0%.

Now don't get me wrong; I would ABSOLUTELY choose eternal bliss over eternal torment, but all of this sounds really wrong. Just wrong. Why would any loving God send people who had sinful lives of just a few puny decades to literally a never ending firepit? There's no justification whatsoever. And would you not get bored of eternal bliss after... I don't know maybe a few trillion years? It doesn't add up.

At the end of the day, there probably isn't an afterlife. And if there is, I doubt any supernatural, and intelligent God would make it eternal... So go live your life to the fullest - it might be the only one you get.

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Just like the whole "number of species" post I put out a few days ago, this has been bugging me for a while related to YEC that I need to get off my chest:

If an omnipotent God created our solar system in 6 days some 6,000-10,000 years ago, why is he taking so gosh darn long to develop the Proplyds in the orion nebula? If you don't know, Proplyds are basically gigantic discs of rubble, dust and gas surrounding a newly-formed star. After millions of years, they form together to create planets that orbit the young star. About 180 have been found within the orion nebula, and nothing seems to be happening to them due to the immense amount of time it takes.

Why did God make our solar system in only 6 days but he's taking at LEAST a few centuries to create these ones? Lazy old bastard. Get on with it already! You're omnipotent!


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Everything that has been written, is being written, or will be written is written in this online library.

I'm dead serious.

The library of babel is an online collection of hexagons, shelves, and countless books that for the most part, contain nothing but gibberish. However, very occasionally you may come across something that you can make sense out of.

The library at its current state contains approximately 10^4677 books, the unbelievably vast majority of them as explained before containing nothing but complete incomprehensible nonsense. It may at first sound fake and just a magic trick of some kind, but there is genuine mathematics and coding behind it that all work beautifully together. Let me know what you think.

Also, this sums it up perfectly:

So. We're about 2/3rds through the year and our top 3 candidates for Dumbfuck of the year next January so far goes as follows:

- C Brown
- Antonio Fletcher
- Betty Van Velsen

My question is this; are there any others that were as dumb as these ones? Who was really fucking stupid so far over the past 8 months? Why? And by the way, G Man is not allowed as a suggestion because to be honest, he would win every fucking year.

I would like to note however, that I am an extremely small and insignificant influence of who becomes a candidate for DFOTY. I'm just curious what people think.

Hooo boy, here comes the shit-show.

This has been "bugging" me for a while now. If an all powerful, all intelligent God exists, is it really entirely necessary to have:

Over 3,000 species of Mosquito.
Over 30,000 species of Wasp.
Over 2,000 species of Termite.
Over 30,000 species of Spiders.
Almost 3,000 species of Snake.
Roughly 5,000 species of Ladybug.
About 12,000 to 22,000 species of Ant.
About 700-1,000 species of leech.
About 350,000 species of Beetle. (WHAT THE FUCK?! I honestly started laughing when I read this statistic.)
About 11,000 species of Moth.
About 120,000 species of Fly. (Yes, really.)
About 20,000 species of Butterfly.

I could go on, but already this is utterly ridiculous. I understand that spiders are needed, and different species of Ant need to be suited to whatever different environments they're in, but do you really need this many kinds?

If I was God, I wouldn't go this fucking far with the whole species thing. About 1,000 species of each, tops, not reaching up to numbers exceeding 300,000. No way.

By the way, this is not an attack on Theistic Evolutionists. This is an attack on YECs who think everything just poofed into existence not too many millennia ago.

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Weapons-grade delusional nonsense. Apparently the existence of God proves the non-existence of the Earth.

What the fuck.

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Making a working Flat Earth Model Day 10:

I have officially lost my mind.

Even with the pac-man map that has fixed air-travel routes to be the correct distances to travel, I realized that this map suffers from the Pole Stars Conundrum harder than the original Flat Earth AE map. Like Holy shit, how did I not see this coming...

The good thing about the original AE map is that the northern celestial pole (kind of) matches up with observations, with people all around the north pole above the equator looking north to see Polaris. With my pac-man map, not only would Sigma Octantis need to be in multiple places at once like in the AE map, BUT SO WOULD POLARIS.

I feel like giving up at this point, but I cant. I really, REALLY want something to work. +Pew Review told me recently that the only way ANYTHING could work on the flat earth would be if every person on the space biscuit is somehow individually being deluded by the tubes in the matrix or something, and when it comes to even the fucking flat earth, that sounds like a reasonable hypothesis. (No, really).

Is anyone else willing to join me on this pain-staking journey? I really need a map that works with both the airplane flight routes AND the existence of two celestial poles never having clones or being in different places at once. Thank you.

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