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Mark Slavin
Husband, Father, tall bloke...
Husband, Father, tall bloke...

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Just had a play with the Pixel XL and Daydream.
Awesome, so much better than Gear VR.

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Im shocked shocked to find lieing taking place here: Virgin challenges Jeremy Corbyn train footage

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What a douche bag. Would he be bemoaning 4.1 million "signatures" if the voting was the reverse (I.e. Remain won)?

I'm sick of the narrative that the Brexit voters are all stupid racists.

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"Oh won't somebody please think about the children?"

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Remain boost after Jo Cox's death - published 19 June

ComRes happened to be carrying out a poll for the Sunday Mirror at the time of the MP's murder on Thursday, June 16 at 2pm.

The results were staggering, showing 45% would be 'delighted' to leave the EU before she was shot - dropping to 38% after. There was no headline figure on voting intention.

A Survation phone poll of 1,001 people for the Mail on Sunday after Mrs Cox's death (June 17-18) showed Remain on 45% and Leave on 42%.

A YouGov poll of 1,694 people for the Sunday Times on June 16-17, also after Ms Cox's death, put Remain one point ahead on 44% to 43%.

A YouGov/Good Morning Britain online poll of 1,734 people on June 15-16 had Leave two points ahead on 44% to 42%.

An Opinium online poll of 2,000 people for the Observer on June 14-17, 80% of which was done before Mrs Cox's death, found Remain and Leave even on 44% each.

So the question is, has this woman been sacrificed to get us to vote to stay in?

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Don't be stupid

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When will the political correctness madness end.

Biological fact, there are two genders. Gender is different from sexuality.

Who the hellParents asked to help their 4-year-olds choose their gender
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