Production plan for 2012
First of all, we'd like to thank all of you for purchasing our templates. Without your support we wouldn't be able to continue our work on +Flextense and other own projects. You are the best!

We had a huge plans for the end of the 2011, but the end of the year was more like disaster. No electricity at office, no internet connection, our production server burn down (still not fully working), HR problems and some more complications you can not predict. You can imagine what a crazy end of the year it was, but things are getting back to normal.

A lot of you are asking about release dates for updates and new templates, so we decided to make a public production plan. It includes only updates and new templates we already start working on. There will be much more, so don't forget to follow us on Google+ or Twitter.

Organon 1.0 release
Chromatron update 2.0
Wuxia 1.0 release
Tachyon update 1.2
→ Brand new Walking Pixels website
Huraga 1.0 release
Lindworm 1.0 release
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