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Thanks for the link, Tony.
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yes ive had problems doing that, also.
I upgraded my at&t app and then and now I have to manually log I in to the wifi every time before this I had no problems withthe aop now iI am very cautious what I upgrade with such high teck things they could at least get that right.
dxdiag showin  wrong memory my graphic card is 6gb
but dxdiag show 703 mb sir i instaall win 7 64bit
6gb ram g41 borad c2duo cpu
Jared I think you should check out my story
Jared please go to my post. Please look at my truth collection
Hi Jared saw your article on TVMC just curious if you know of any contacts that can create a customized Kodi menu....such as was done for for the tvmc....I have looked and haven't found anyone or any company yet....would be greatly appreciated
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