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Ok Google+, need your help:

My new desktop is doing this annoying thing where, after it resumes from being asleep for several hours, it becomes very choppy and slow, and also the wireless internet goes out. It kicks in about 15 seconds after the computer wakes from sleep, and lasts for maybe 30 seconds. After that, everything goes back to normal.

I built this PC myself last week. It has a Core i5, Radeon 6870, 120 GB solid state, 8 GB of RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium.
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+Jared Newman I'll share this on here Jared and hope someone will come to your rescue! (Sorry, this Gran can't help)
+Jared Newman Jared, please look at my profile page, some answers for you from some of my G+ friends. Try them all out. OK?
for the love of god man, install something other than windows!? dual booting is fine; everyone is a "little bit" bi, but using windows exclusively is just SICK! -__-

(ubuntu user here; come to the un-darkside, our cookies are better?)
Thanks +Techno gran! I ended up going nuclear and reinstalling Windows, which seems to have solved the problem, but I will look into those other tips if the issue returns.

+Alex von Wittig I've tried Ubuntu before and couldn't really get into it. Sorry!
i weep for you then xD what about another linux?
well there is hope then? xD

but really; i've used every version of windows from 95 & nt - win7, i still have a dual-boot with xp in my setup (as an auxiliary-backup & to use certain windows-specific stuff more easily; mostly old games), & i find it painful EVERY time i have to use windows, new or old, on my pc or a friend's...

everybody is different, but i find it hard to understand how anyone can master any decent linux distro & windows, & come away with a preference for windows
+Jared Newman Glad to be of help Jared. I knew that someone on here would be able to help you. I run Windows 7 on my Dell (not built by me, wouldn't know where to begin!) and it runs smooth as butter and has never given me any problems.
Hmmm...not a very specific answer here, but there have always an existence of...hic-ups or flat-out puking on resume...that is to say that such problems are not specific to your machine.  Personally, I would check the event log following a resume.  Use what you find(I'm sure there will be some indication of a problem with the start-up of a service or two) to google solutions.  I can't put a finger on any instance where I hadn't been able to find a solution to any problem I've had.  Good luck!  BTW, just type "event" in the search box at the bottom of your start menu and the Event Viewer should be at the top of your results. :)
There is also the fact that when the wireless comes back up, your network setting are probably stale, so there's a restart and reconnect with those network services/devices.  
Try to shut it down for 1 day and turn on after 
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