Today, +Harry McCracken announced that he's taking a full-time job at TIME, which means the end of as a standalone site.

Although he'll continue to write a Technologizer blog at, his occasional contributors--including me, Ed Oswald and Benj Edwards--won't be part of it. So we're out of a gig.

I can't speak for those guys, but for me, the loss is more emotional than financial. Harry gave me my first real tech blogging job, back in in the fall of 2008 when Technologizer was only a few months old.

Writing for the site was intimidating; Harry's one of the smartest tech writers out there, and as someone without a lot of experience, I was terrified of looking like an idiot. For a long time, I refused to write general technology coverage, sticking only to my more comfortable games beat (even as I wrote about tech for other sites).

Since then, I've started regular gigs at PCWorld and, as of last year, at TIME's Techland blog--thanks in large part to Harry's recommendation. As other obligations increased, juggling Technologizer got harder, and my output has decreased.

Even so, Technologizer remained a special place. I never lost that feeling of having to keep up with some amazing talent, and not just Harry, but the other contributors as well. I'll miss being a contributor, but I'm grateful to have had the opportunity. Thanks Harry!
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