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Glad I finally built a PC. Now seems like a geek right of passage that I should've done a long time ago.
My mission to buy a desktop PC started out simple: I wanted a powerful work computer with support for three monitors. Getting a PC within my budget seemed reasonable. But then, temptation set in.
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It really is super rewarding!
Yeah, that should have been another thing on the list: After building it I wanted to brag to everyone.
My home PC is an awesome custom build, and I'll probably never buy another desktop PC again (might upgrade some of the hardware, though). Can't beat what you build yourself, for price or quality. I used to build custom PC's for a bit of extra cash.
I keep thinking about building my first one but I'm always second guessing myself!
LOL! Egyptians have been doing this since when they knew about computers :D
Peter Seiwert- I pretty much feel the same way. I'll end up with a lot of parts that won't work together or something. Although I was suprised at how cheaply processors can be purchased when I looked into it.
I just added a 3 TB usb3 to my computer for backing up every thing, best thing I have added in a long time, $150 at
Yeah, for an "expert who blogs for Technologizer and PC World, you're pretty late to the game there buddy.
And you built a PC to boot. #SMFH
I read your article on Intel Compute Stick.  I have a laptop without and hdmi port, and I want to use compute stick by connecting it to my usb.  Will that work if I want to boot up my laptop to my Compute Stick on usb?  
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