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A few notes about Breastfeeding and other lessons learned.
I’m not entirely sure when and why I decided to do cloth nappies, sometime in the early stages of my pregnancy because I remember searching for them while I was in Munich. Which was a mammoth task because, and I don’t speak for the whole of Germany but this...

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What happened in 2015?
I was having a little scroll through the mobile version of this
here blog since I've been bombarded with harassment emails from g suite
to renew the domain. Turns out I shoulda paid attention to those emails and saved myself the fuss over renewals - my pr...

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Solo Parenting Day 5 of 6
It is 08:45 and I have been up since before 5am .
This morning I woke before my baby and somewhat eagerly awaited his
little cries that signal his wake up. When my huzzband is around, he
wakes up first and changes his nappy before he hands him over to me...

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The birth of my little star gazer, Maksimilian Pablo. My story.
delivery room, last shot of baby in my tummy I need to write this story before baby brain completely erodes my vivid memories of one of the most epic journeys of my life. I know that I have only lived 29 years and 5 months of my life and so there will certa...

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and now you know..

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Spilling the Beans
Around the time of our first year anniversary, I was under heavy stress and in full swing of a most hectic production that offered me no spare time to arrange an anniversary present until pretty much the day before the big day.. I had these beautiful ideas ...

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it was long overdue..

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home improvements
home improvements it appears that it is common knowledge that renovations end up costing you twice as much as what you were initially quoted. and this is only true because once you’re in that strange, theatrical world of bashing and tiling you figure, hell,...

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where to from here?
I'm struggling to write a single post today as there about a few hundred that are circling my brain right now. But there is this urgent pressure to put something out there, incomplete as it may be. I pushed my wedding up by a year and after 30 days of crazy...

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It is Day 25. And I would love to say that I stayed strong throughout, and of course I could lie but even in the written word I am a terrible liar. So yes. I cheated. I had cake over the weekend. But now that I’m back in the 011 area code, I have taken cont...
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