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Bryan, you look fantastic. It's a great motivator for people who want to change. 
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I took my car to this facility to get the interior cleaned after someone got sick in it. When I took the car in for an estimate, I asked about the ozone deodorizer in case the interior shampoo didn't get the smell out. I was advised by the employee that they would do it for free if the shampoo wasn't sufficient. I dropped the car off and was told it would be ready by 2. I called to check in on the work and was advised that the ozone treatment was required and would cost their normal rate. When I brought up what I was told earlier in the week, they agreed to do it for no charge and gave me a revised pickup time. I didn't hear back and when I called, I was advised it was ready and I needed to get it soon as they were closing due to weather. I picked up the car and all of the seats were SOAKED!. The cashier advised me to run the heater in the car for an hour and it would dry out (three hours, no appreciable result). It took two days before the car was finally dry and there are water rings left on the seats. My gripe is that if I hadn't called, they would have closed and I would have been out of luck and they condition of the car when I got it back. I will never let them detail my car again.
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I have just finished a very frustrating experience with the 'Customer Service' department of Payless Car Rental. I rented a car for our trip to see the kids and I was informed by the Counter Rep that their towing service was mandatory. I discovered when I returned the car that the service was optional. Over three weeks, this scam of a company tricked me out of $120, an additional 25% above the cost of the rental. Is this how you advertise as 'Payess'? By tricking customers into spending money, then having a email only based customer service hide behind email and policy to state that once the rental contract has been completed, no changes can be made. How can I have an adjustment made if i'm not aware of it until the contract has been completed? Catch-22, anyone? Obviously, I will be avoiding Payless Car Rental not only in Visit Las Vegas, but anywhere they are in operation. This extends to their Parent companies of Budget and Avis. If you like getting ripped off, please visit Payless Car Rental and bring your own lube.
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