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Adam Morris
I am the rabbi for Temple Micah, a Reform synagogue, in Denver, Colorado.
I am the rabbi for Temple Micah, a Reform synagogue, in Denver, Colorado.

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FTL #6 - Albert Einstein
Things To Talk About : Einstein is most famous for his equation: E = MC² ... this equation explains the way that energy and mass relate to one another.  Can you create some of your equations that explain relationships in your life?  Between Parents and Kids...

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FTL #4 - Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel - Seeing Wonder In The World
Things To Talk About : Rabbi Heschel marched for Civil Rights in Selma, Alabama with Dr. Martin Luther King in 1965 .  He would later describe the experience as "Praying With My Legs".  What do you think he meant by that?  What would it look like for you to...

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Why Do We Do What We Do; Holidays
Some basic background information on Jewish Holidays:

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Why Do We Do What We Do: Life Cycles

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FTL #3 - Moses Maimonides - Making Order of Our Jewish-Ness
Things To Talk About : Look at Maimonides's levels of Tzedakah.  Do you agree with his ranking?  Are there any other levels you might add? Maimonides was also a great philosopher.  He thought that one could only define God by saying what God is not (i.e. Go...

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FTL #2 - Beruria & The World of Our Sages - October 2016
Things To Talk About : Thankfully, Beruria gets some attention in the Talmudic discussions. Unfortunately, most of the women did not.  How fairly do you think women are treated today ... in our world?  in our country?  in your family?  What other groups of ...

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An Introduction to Jewish Mysticism - 9.22.16
Greetings Boomers! Here are some articles for you to use in preparation or reflection of our session introducing Jewish mysticism. Enjoy! R.Mo Introduction to Jewish Mysticism Kabbalah and Mysticism 101 - Kabbalah: A Primer - virtualjew...

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FTL #1 - Our History - September 2016
Things To Talk About : Respond to the question Rabbi Mo asked us to think about at our 1st session: If you could create a dinner party of 3-6 people from history, who would you invite and why? One of the most famous quotes about history is attribute to a ph...

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Celebrating Our Stories: Welcoming Our New Torah Scroll
SECURING OUR STORY:  Purchasing and Restoring Our New Torah Scroll We need to raise $9000 to cover the cost, cleaning and repairing of the new Torah -- $1800 for each of the five books.  Please consider making a  financial contribution toward this goal .  W...

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From Peter Beinart: An American Jewish Trump Emergency
Time to form an American Jewish Emergency Committee Against Donald Trump ... A mobilization would counter the shameful acquiescence to Trump in some corners of the American Jewish establishment.   By Peter Beinart | Jun. 22, 2016 In dangerous times, America...
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