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Hilary Morris
Social Media & PR Consultant, NJ Digital Mom with 3 Littles, Fashion & Pop Culture Junkie
Social Media & PR Consultant, NJ Digital Mom with 3 Littles, Fashion & Pop Culture Junkie

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Cuteness overload aka what to do with all those leftover temporary tattoos? +Laurel Stavros of A Bubbly Life is so clever! 

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If Coffee = Love for any woman in your life (gf, mom, sister, bestie, etc) then show her you notice with one of these Valentine's Day gift ideas. And yes, those are coffee molecule earrings on the bottom right! 
I love coffee, I really do. I love coffee, how bout you? 

If the grown-up Fancy Girl on your list loves coffee, show her that you notice with one of these gifts. There's even a BFF gift that you'll absolutely love!

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Where's your favorite sledding spot in NJ?

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I'm very proud of my latest #DIY blog for +FabKids. My first ever mason jar craft :) 
Add some of that glittery, seasonal cheer without making it feel too Christmas-y. #diy

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 After my recent experience getting a flat with all 3 kids in the car and an a hour away from home, this is definitely a good list to keep in mind. You just never know…. 
Are you prepared for the winter? Get ready with the Winter Driving Checklist: | #ad #eBayGuides

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My latest issue of The Brew is out this morning. It's a monthly digest of small business news covering customer service, employee relations, public relations, branding, social media, and general business tips & tricks.

If you have a blog/article that you would like to submit for consideration, please email me at 

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It's time for 2015 predictions! Anything you want to try or have already been doing successfully? 

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It's always amazing to me where traffic to my blog comes from. My post on Fancy Girl from last Friday has had over 4,000 hits from StumbleUpon. That's insane! There's a lot of factors at play here that I need to think about for the future: women's fashion, tulle skirts, ballet fashion, numbered fashion lists, "How To" fashion posts, etc.

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Last night I gave my latest LinkedIn Basics class where I address some of the key elements that will make your profile attractive to recruiters. Did you know upwards of 94% use LinkedIn? As I was doing some research to update my presentation, I found a great list of what you need to have a killer profile. Some people that I work with or who attend my classes never think that the Summary section is necessary (or don't know how to talk about themselves), but as you see, it is CRUCIAL to your profile's visibility. As I explained last night, this gives you the opportunity to describe some successes, highlights, or even major changes in your professional life as if you were in that first round interview for a job. A hard copy resume doesn't tell a story, but your LInkedIn profile should:

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Not only can you wear white after Labor Day, but you  can also wear shorts with tights. My latest post for +FabKids  is up and it's all about how to transition your summer wardrobe into the fall. A few tips:

-- wear tights with your shorts (preferably dark or denim)
-- a shorts suit is absolutely professional and appropriate 
-- take your favorite summer dress and throw on a sweater or cardigan. Add some boots and you're good for fall
-- don't put your neon away….ever! 

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