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Sylvia Martinez
Advocate for student agency in learning
Advocate for student agency in learning


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This Thursday! Come and hang out ;-)
Giving students access to high-tech, hands-on learning opportunities continues to be a priority. Additionally, technology allows for increased creativity and can promote the type of innovative thinking that will help us solve the world’s great challenges.  The “Maker” Movement continues to emerge as the collective push forward for this type of activity that includes using 3D printing, laser cutters, open-source coding boards and other high tech tools to innovate.  This movement presents an opportunity for students everywhere to come face-to-face with innovation.
Maker spaces also present an incredibly fruitful opportunity for collaboration that brings crucial stakeholders together from K-12 and higher education as well as industry.  These partnerships hold the potential for innovative solutions to regional economic development.
As we approach our 3rd anniversary at STEMconnector®, the Maker movement continues to gather strength in a de-centralized, grassroots way. We do observe some trends and major players that we believe merit our audience’s attention.  We invite you to join us for a Town Hall on November 12th to discuss the Maker Movement and how it is impacting STEM education.  We will hear from the following speakers and organizations.
1)   Fab Foundation – Sherry Lassiter, Director

2)   Arizona State University – Dr. Mitzi Montoya, Vice President & University Dean for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

3)   Chevron Corporation – Blair Blackwell, Manager, Education and Corporate Programs

4)   Albemarle Public Schools – Chad Ratliff, Assistant Director of Instruction

5)   Invent to Learn – Sylvia Libow Martinez, Author

6) Maker Ed - Warren Lathe, Executive Director

7)   TechShop – Carrie Motamedi, Vice President of Marketing

8)   Teach for America – Melissa Moritz, Vice President, Education Initiatives

9)   STEMconnector® - Ted Wells, Chief Strategy Officer
Please join us on a Google+ Hangout On-Air on November 12 from 1:00-2:30pm ET.  The Hangout will be viewable on our site at  We will also hold a chat via Twitter and Google+ using the hashtag #MakerSTEM

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#Arduino  for Educators with +Howard Rheingold and me #makered

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Making the Case for Making in Schools - Maker Faire NYC 2013 Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez

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If you have a K-12 Makerspace, FabLab, or do Maker-type activities in the classroom, and would like to share your work with others, add your name to the list!

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Hi all,
Thanks Brendan for inviting me here! Hope to learn lots and share. Just got back from Maker Faire in San Mateo. We bought a $299 3D printer from printrbot. Met the maker and he seemed really cool, explained the whole thing and how he reduced the cost without sacrificing too much. We'll see!

We also sold out of our new book, Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom. I see Margaret has already posted the link to Amazon, but if you'd like to read more or explore the hundreds of maker-ed links, check out the website too.
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