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Leo McDevitt
Author, Inventor, Chemist. I relax by dancing with fire.
Author, Inventor, Chemist. I relax by dancing with fire.
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An inconvenient fact for all you progressive democrats
Democrats want to control your vote, not earn it. This is why all you'll hear from democrats is anti-Trump messages, never concrete policy discussions. Democrats will act like thy're ready to embrace you with open arms while simultaneously working to subvert progressive groups and leaders.

2018 isn't that far away, and there's work to be done
Frankly folks, we won't be working with democrats if we want to win, we'll be subverting them. Subversion will look like this: Primary challenges, message undermining, and dank meme shitposting. Democrats will cry foul, but then again that's really all they can do. Mock them for it and move on.

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Russia is prepared to hand over a recording of Trump's conversation with Lavrov in the Oval Office
Let that sink in ... take all the time you need. The Russians have recorded a conversation in the Oval Office. We need to impeach not just Trump. We need to impeach every GOP member who has shielded him
putin to the rescue? Apparently putin wishes to keep his useful idiot in office. I'm sure that the tapes that Russia has will not be altered in any way (please note the very heavy sarcasm in my words) at all..

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Banned from Twitter: I've joined Mastodon
I'm making my first baby steps on Mastodon. Anybody else here on Mastodon? Know of any good progressive groups to join?

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Earthfair 2107 is almost here!!!

Come join us on April 23rd in Balboa PARK

#EarthDay #SanDiego

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Ask to Join - all applicants are vetted prior to approval

Progressives: Are you afraid of Trumps' supporters? You should be
Rainbow Warriors is a progressive community devoted to self defense. Trumps' supporters are violent people. You need look no further than the riot last weekend in Huntington Beach.

Furthermore, conservative attorney Larry Klayman has called for YOU to be "destroyed" and "legally and peacefully imprisoned"

You have an obligation to Not Go Peacefully
You may think: "Oh, it will never happen" That's what the Jews thought in 1930's Germany Learn to defend yourself NOW before they come for you!

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Let's turn Trump's Wall into an International Wall of Shame
On the Mexican side, they should carve the name of every person who died as a result of our existing fence and that wall. 

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Democrat Party is Hemorrhaging Members - #Demexit is working
The latest results from Gallup reveal that Democrat party membership has declined from a high of 32% from just before the election to 25% today. The GOP has held steady at 28%

Independents rose from 36% to 44% so you can see where people are going. This should be a warning shot across the brow of the Democrat party, but I doubt it will be. They are so out of touch I bet they blame this loss of support on Bernie and his supporters.
The #DNC and its "steering committee" have managed to drive the Dems portion of the voting block down to 25% of eligible voters. They have shot so many holes in their own boat they've sunk any chance they had of winning much of anything. At this point they have not qualities left to draw any but the neoliberals. Once those on the outside looking in on the party management realize how few of "them" are left, they're going to scamper for the exits as well. #DemExit is purely a creation of the greedy, insensitive corporatist elites whose only significant interest is in preservation of the #establishment order to the chagrin of the rest of us. The #DNC is #DNR.

Thanks for the link +Ole Olson​.

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We all must Keep Persisting
Republicans are running scared. Their town hall meetings are turning into shout fests, from which they flee in terror. So now they respond by attacking the words of Coretta Scott King.

Our persistence terrifies them. Their plan was that we would have a "temper tantrum" which they would ignore, and then settle down to business as usual. That isn't happening, thanks to you

#resist #persist #prevail

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Indivisible: We're doing it right
GOP Senators and Representatives are now loudly expressing their fear of their constituents - this is as it should be. THey are terrified because their town hall meetings are plunging into chaos.

If there is one thing a conservative is good at, its fear. Fear is a great motivator to the narrow minded, it makes them do stuff they ordinarily wouldn't do, such as represent the actual will of their constituents. Keep up the good work, everybody!

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This is MY make America greater hat
Made in Carlsbad CA. By the wife of an immigrant. You can't get more American than this!

Fuck your stupid Chinese made baseball cap. It's for losers 
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