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Svelte • A move from JS frameworks to transpilers. Better performance, segmentation, and no bloat
Svelte · Guide · REPL · Blog · Chat · GitHub. Frameworks without the framework: why didn't we think of this sooner? You can't write serious applications in vanilla JavaScript without hitting a complexity wall. But a compiler can do it for you. Rich Harris Sat Nov 26 2016. Wait, this new framework has a ...
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I modify my employers finally and #Google+ doesn't place my (newly listed) current job under my photo. Instead it places an old job there. #Fail
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"5 Clothing Fit Tricks Every Guy Should Know"
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"Google Play Books Updated To Allow Uploading Your Own Documents And Books, Plus Additional Tweaks"
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Yeah, you can do it through the browser manually, but the app on phones doesn't do it.  I've uploaded from my tablet through the website though without any issues, you just have to make sure you're not using Chrome or the stock browser (apparently Chrome is the least friendly for almost every Google service in my experience)
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Not quite sure who monitors this file.
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Sysadmins forward the emails to santa
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They've been telling us to avoid WordPress defaults for years. I guess now it isn't just a theoretical issue.
WordPress bloggers: Security Note:

A botnet controlled by bad guys is doing a brute-force attack on WordPress sites, apparently via the former default “admin” administrative account. My hosting provider offers these instructions on how to avoid this particular issue:

Until a couple of years ago, the default/starter account on every WP site was named “admin.” That’s no longer true, but there are still a lot of sites out there with an account called “admin.”

There is currently a large-scale botnet-driven attack going on that is trying to brute-force its way into WP sites by guessing passwords on the “admin” account.

Visit the Dashboard of each of your WordPress sites, click on Users, and make sure none of the accounts are called “admin.” If you find any, please make sure you have another account with Administrator privileges, then log in with that new account name and delete the account named “admin.”

While you’re in there, please take the opportunity to make sure you’re using a good strong password, and to update WordPress itself and all of your plugins.

This is useful advice.
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Though I'm not sure about GitHub being the host of the repo, it is quite ingenious to use git for distribution, collaboration, and blaming for each law, federal or otherwise.
I am sure this will never see the light in Italy. I can only imagine how lovely would be to use the git-log and git-blame features.
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Possibly a better solution than git-flow
Cool Git Learning Game
A interactive Git visualization tool to educate and challenge!
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Some very handy changes, though I still wish there was a lightweight solution for easy Android development without all the bloat.
#DevBytes :  Android Studio

Earlier today we announced Android Studio. In this #DevByte , +Tor Norbye gives a quick preview of the IDE based on the community edition of IntelliJ. 

More info:
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Quite political, and I don't typically advertise my non-technological political views. This was very powerful and touched on a conversation I had earlier today.
Undeclared martial law, dancing to terrorists' tune, ... and we applauded
I think I'm one of the few people disturbed and unhappy by how the manhunt was run in Boston and by how few people even questioned if any of this was legal.  Or what precedent we just set.

The media, who should have been loudest in questioning these actions, used the polite term "lockdown" to describe what was an undeclared martial law.  When you shut down all transportation, close businesses, tell citizens they must remain inside their homes, and bring in the armored vehicles - that's martial law.  When you search people's bags and demand their ID because they are walking on the street - that's martial law.  When you "ask" people for "consent" to search their homes by sticking your foot in the door and using intimidation and fear - that's martial law.  Taking a US citizen into custody and not reading him his rights and interrogating him without right to council AND planning to use what he says in court - is far past martial law.  

A pair of terrorists do a heinous act and we oblige them with wall to wall 24 hour coverage.  We magnify the effects of the act by forcing a major US city to completely shut down.  We further do the terrorists job for them by spitting on the 4th and 5th, (and possibly 6th) amendments in the name of public safety.  Hell, we didn't just dance to the terrorists' tune, we added an orchestra.

I have no problem with the police, FBI, SWAT officers.  They, for the most part, were trying to be as polite and focused as possible.  They put their lives on the line and one of them didn't make it.  If there was a manhunt for a very violent criminal taking place in my area and the police showed up and politely asked if they could search my home for the suspect, I'd most likely let them.  If authorities asked me to stay off the streets so they could more easily locate a dangerous criminal, I'd most likely comply.  What I object to is how the city officials pretended to ask for voluntary actions on the part of citizens, but their actions made it plain it was anything but voluntary.  I object to doing the terrorists' job for them by shutting down an entire city, causing more disruption and fear than the original act caused.  I object to the passive way we now accept voiding our rights, as in Boston or at any airport or our online data (CISPA passed the House, did you know that?), because the government tells us that's what we must do to be safe.  The Patriot Act, Kill Lists by our President, Drone attacks, suspension of Due Process ... and now martial law in our cities?  Is this another step along the path of The New Normal? 

Every citizen is protected under the constitution, no matter what they have done or what person the authorities are searching for, or we are no longer the United States of America.  The terrorists won this round (again) and we helped them and then applauded.

And want to know the sad kicker to this string of events?  The 19 year old suspect wasn't found through these illegal actions.  He was found by a homeowner who went out to check his property after the undeclared martial law was lifted.  

More photos here, tell me this is what we really want? :

EDITED TO ADD: Just a note - this post hit "What's Hot" which should be relabeled as "Here come trolls".  If you troll or flame your post gets removed.
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Elevator pitch meets resume via Twitter? Could prove to be an interesting fad. 
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Quality is greater than Exclusivity
I am a web developer with a focus on openness. Open source, open information, open honesty. There is a time and place for secrecy, but security or value through obscurity is rarely a necessity. They can even be a mark of laziness in the organization because the information is not formatted past the "good enough" internal standard. My career goal is to quash that "good enough" standard, to facilitate the flow of information from point A to point B, improving the experience along the way wherever possible. Ruby, Python, and PHP are my preferred tools and the open web is my medium. If you want to join in this effort, connect with me and let's see what impact we can have.
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