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Ian McConnell
Creating Time And Income Freedom With Simple Online Businesses
Creating Time And Income Freedom With Simple Online Businesses


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Want a BIG challenge in life? Then start a business!

Want an EVEN BIGGER challenge in life? Then start a business online!

Why? Because it's freaking HARD!

Don't let anyone else tell you differently… It is hard! The Facebook articles and ads from the “guru's” showing off their travels, cars and houses might look lavish and the perfect lifestyle… But there was a lot of pain to get there!

There was a lot of very long hours learning what works and what doesn't… A lot of money spent on testing Facebook ad after Facebook ad… A lot of spending $100 on ads to make a sale that paid out $40!

But, they persevered!

They ignored the long hours of work each day and the ad spend with no return.

They kept testing hook after hook making adjustment after adjustment on their Facebook ads… looking for that 8% or more click-through rate.

Then they tested landing page after landing page… Optin pages, presell pages, testing again for that high click-through rate!

Then they tested offer after offer to find that high converting offer which resonated with the audience they have attracted from their ad!

The strategy is simple… The implementation is simple… But the emotional fortitude required to test something, which 9 out 10 times will not work, and then keep testing relentlessly until you find the ad, landing page and offer sweet spot… is incredibly hard!

So, is it all worth it?

What is your experience?

How much time and money have you spent on your business?

Is the return on investment worth it?

Have you got the strength to keep going? Or are you going to become the next fool to buy another product, because you think you need more information… and then waste the next week or month going through the training?

You already have all the knowledge you will ever need… And if you still don't think so, then everything you think you need is available for free on Google and Facebook… Or, you could hire a person who has completed the course to do that portion for you!

STRATEGY: Facebook Ad (hook) > Landing Page (ClickFunnels Optin or Presell Page) > Offer (Affiliate, then your own). Watch this webinar replay for more detail >>

REQUIREMENTS: A Huge dose of perseverance!

POTENTIAL: Paying cash for that dream car, boat, house, travel… and wanting to share your success online to inspire others!

Have Fun,

Blog post & video >>

#businessonlineishard #entrepreneur #inmyhomeoffice
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Are you one of those online business non-starters? Do you talk about how you are going to do this or that someday when this or that has happened?

I see and hear the excuses as a business coach all the time!

In business, the scorecard is the bottom line… It's the net profit!

People tell me they start online businesses because it's easy! The costs are low, they don't have to talk to people face to face, they don't need staff or office space and the profit margins are huge… But this thinking is where they go wrong!

Running a highly successful business online requires you to talk to people, to coach people one-on-one to get them results. Then you take those teachings and results to expand into an information product that can be sold thousands of times…

Because you have credibility! You can show how others got results from your teachings!

Building credibility is where you need to start. People need to see, read and hear that you know what you are on about. They need to hear the passion in your voice. They need to hear you explain things 10 different times, in different ways, in different modes… so they get it!

So, how do you start building credibility and trust?

You document everything you know online where your potential clients will see it!

You document everything you know… You put this online where your potential clients will see it!

Gary Vaynerchuck says to document versus create! Watch the video now at
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If you have followed my coaching for any amount of time you know that I suggest that people create their big-ticket product first ($1,000+) and then spin off smaller products ($27 – $197) from that big product.

One of the reasons is that it is actually easier to create that big-ticket product because it is usually a coaching program or one-on-one type of service.

An example would be if you had a lot of knowledge in mountain biking… You may have been mountain biking for many years and have got some great fitness and weight loss results from your mountain biking passion.

Over the years you would have bought mountain biking equipment and would have a good idea of what is “good” equipment, what is “bad” equipment and where to get the best prices. All of this knowledge and experience makes you an “expert” in the eyes of someone who wants to start riding mountain bikes and is overwhelmed by all the information available.

If you offered a “mountain biking” coaching program that involved talking to them every week on Skype (or something similar) it becomes very attractive to the overwhelmed beginner. You could start with identifying their goals, identify their why and then create an A-Z plan to get them from where they are now to where they want to be with their mountain biking. You would hold them accountable along the way and guarantee some type of result dependant on if they did the work or not. You would have tools (apps, spreadsheets, etc) in place to track their progress and keep them motivated.

This coaching program could be set up within an hour… All it requires is one website landing page with your offer and a Paypal checkout button. But for the customer, this product carries a much higher value than an ebook they can download from the internet. Your coaching could be a 12-month program that involves a weekly 30 minute Skype video call for a total price of $1,000.00 (this works out to being paid about $20.00 per 30-minute session and taking 2 weeks a year off).

It's an easy product to set up quickly and easily, rather than taking weeks to write an ebook and then sell it for $27.00.

Read the full blog post at
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How much money do you want to make in your business?

We are all capped with how many hours we have in the day, but yet some people will start a business and make $100k/yr while others make millions.

Why is that?

It's because of the value they provide.

Myron Golden explains it extremely well in the video at:…/

"Income Is the Result Of Value Created And Offered In the Marketplace."
~Myron Golden

There are 4 levels of value which determine income levels:

1) Lowest Level Of Value Is Implementation - These are people who do the thing. Like the cleaner, electrician or website builder that spend their time doing their work. They have no leverage. They can only do that one job at a time using their hands. They average between minimum wage and $80k/yr.

2) Second Lowest Level Of Value Is Unification - These are people who manage other people. They use their management skills to manage many people to get many jobs done at one time. They average between $40k/yr and $250k/yr.

3) Second Highest Level Of Value Is Communication - These are people who communicate a message from themselves to people's hearts. They make people feel something, like salespeople, marketers, actors, singers. Because they can communicate a message, they can produce something once and sell it to thousands. They average between $100k/yr and $100million/yr.

4) Highest Level Of Value Is Imagination - These are people who use their mind to make money, and money to make money. These are the people who find ways to access millions of dollars of other peoples money, and then produce a huge return by investing it wisely. There is no limit to their income.

What are your thoughts? What level of value are you providing to your marketplace? Let us know in the comments below…

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Have you ever struggled to determine and then clarify your goals accurately? Then check this out -->
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Ian McConnell gives you the step-by-step strategies and help you need to set up an online business. Get the free book at
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