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APIs for SMS text messages without a mobile.
APIs for SMS text messages without a mobile.

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Another SIM farm spammer closed...

Of course we wish they could do more to shut them down!
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Maybe not one of our more exciting posts, but we are really very proud of this service!
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Ovivo has gone, now comes the net outrage...

Ovivo is but the latest of many trying and failing to make ad-supported work.
The fake outrage over the failure of a free service is all over twitter, Facebook and the net. There's even a petition demanding government action!
Let's put our realistic head on for a moment and look at the world of ad supported mobile phone service.
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Like something from a Monty Python sketch, in the name of National Security there has been wholesale capturing of stills from Yahoo webcam chats.

We can sleep so much safer now
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When is Data not Data?...
When it's cynically renamed as metadata.
As a result the NSA and GCHQ are studying the content (that they're not supposed to look at) of 200 million texts a day.

Unsurprisingly the UK networks are unimpressed and have publicly asked the government how this could possibly be legal. Rhetorical question then?
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GSM:  Weak Encryption by Political Design...
Encryption was intentionally weakened at the request of British Security Services, sources in the original GSM team report.

Today any fool with a few pounds and a laptop can intercept any GSM call
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Some Predictions Turn Out to be True...

Quite interesting to re-read this twelve months later.

OK, the utterly inept Adobe password security did much to set back password security years.  It was shaky and on its last legs even before this.

Adobe brought bad encryption, leaking length hints and also providing hints in clear meant that a vast chunk of their database was easy to crack.  In fact for a good chunk with a few hints available it was a simple case of type in the clearly shown answer.

Meanwhile the RSA have been revealed to be compromised by the NSA via a $10m deal.  There goes trust in the largest provider of secure login tokens then.

We start 2014 where only a password you don't yourself know is likely secure enough.  By this I mean use of a password manager like

Of course that's not enough.  You really need some other channel, and for now two factor authentication is the best we have.
Deloitte predicts 90% of passwords vulnerable to hacking...

In which I repeat myself ...

I made a blog post back in October in which I essentially pointed out how pointless and useless passwords, as a means of security, were.

"Deloitte predicts that in 2013 more than 90 percent of user-generated passwords, even those considered strong by IT departments will be vulnerable to hacking"  (my emphasis)

In a recent study of six million actual user-generated passwords, the 10,000 most common passwords would have accessed 98.1% of all accounts

Are you using two-factor authentication yet?  From Deloitte:

What other solutions might work better?

Multi-Factor authentication is a strong candidate.  Instead of requiring only an account name and password to gain access, multiple identification factors would be required.  Examples of additional factors include: a password sent to a user's registered cell phone a dongle that plugs into a USB port, or a biometric feature...

I hesitate to say I told you so, but errr, I told you so.

World text can provide the delivery mechanism for two factor authentication, using USSD or SMS. APIs for text messaging from the cloud
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A Lightning Speed Tour Through the History of Telecoms
...from Alexander Graham Bell through Strowger, SS7 to Internet everything
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We Have a Winner...
Well two actually!
We've selected two charities to receive our Christmas offer of 2014 monthly messages throughout 2014.  They are:
+Epilepsy Action and
+Great North Air Ambulance Service 

More details at the page along with an outline of both charities.  We'll be keeping the page updated throughout the year.

Many thanks to all who applied - please try again next year!
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Inbound Text Messaging...

What it is, and why you should care if you want to market your business!
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