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I luv this show! Very informative and entertaining

Is anyone else tired of all the Apple this and Apple that. It may just be that I'm looking for negative news from Apple but it seems that there is a lot more negative news about iPhone but definitely about iOS 8. I know a lot of Apple fans have purchased the phone, but that doesn't mean its the best iPhone to date.

I had been an Apple user for years before I switched to my Nexus 5. I realized yesterday that I was over Apple when none of the products excited me. Even with all the usual marketing hype they threw out. I now officially consider myself a Google guy. 

I have been a long time iPhone user. But recently bought a nexus 5 and loving it! I can see me only buying nexus products for now on. Next up nexus 7 and the next nexus 10 (or whatever it will be called) 

This Apple fanboy just received his nexus 5. So far so good! I'm really liking it!

Hello all! I'm a long time Apple user but have been thinking about going all google (Nexus phone, tablet, chromecast, etc). It's important to me that everything works together. That is what makes Apple so good. But Google as a company excites me about technology. They r forward thinking in all aspects. Can u give me some other reasons why I should change ecosystems? Thx!

I know a number of you have received your Nexus 5. I've been a long time Apple user and have purchased the Nexus 5 but it looks like its a few weeks away from delivery. I'm starting to have second thoughts. For any of you that have received yours (especially any Apple people) how has the experience been? Thanks.

#pgatourchat Davis, I know you still have a number of years left on the PGA Tour but do you plan on playing on the Champions Tour when it's time? I only ask that cause I love watching you play and don't want you to stop.

Anyone know if the Nexus 5 price will be $350 for 16gb at best buy also or will they jack it up?
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