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patti jones

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Thank you for the invitation. I'd be proud to be a part of this loving, caring, wholesome Iowa white bread community!

Rock on boys!
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patti jones

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patti jones

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Hello my fellow googly friends!

I can't keep this a secret. I've been enjoying these YUMMY lollipops for about 6 months now. I hand them out to coworkers, nurses and aids. My children and their children fell in love with them too :)

The Groovy Baker (Lisa) makes these. She also makes caramels, marshmallows, cookies and blends her unique tea. Shown here is a sample of her lollipops.

Note how carefully they are each wrapped in bubble wrap and how yummy they you have to give her a look at

Lisa isn't on G+ as far as I know and I am not being paid for advertising. I'm just in love and want to share it with the world.

Have a pleasant day my friends 
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patti jones

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I received 2 of these after canceling the order due to them being $119.00. I called and they could only say it was a gift. The name of the gifter is +Baruch Spitzer​. I know there is a man by that name on G+ but not sure if it was him.
It is awesome getting something for free and I want to thank this person. They were to be gifts for the grandchildren and now they will have them.

Thank you so very much ♡
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patti jones

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Thank you +Cesare Riccardo for sharing this beautiful work.
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Thank you +Patricia Errazuriz I love +Cesare Riccardo photos. 
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patti jones

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Thank you for the invitation. I feel so special lol!
Meet the VIPs in my life
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patti jones

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I bet the cat acted as if it never happened!
When you psych yourself up so much you screw it up anyway... 
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patti jones

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Not... even.... close
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+Queen Whatever you're right. I was basing this on my step father's voices. Schizophrenia is different for each victim. I understand the crippling torture of the disease and even work with mentally ill clients.
I apologize for my callousness. 
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patti jones

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Thanks for the invitation! Kindness is as easy as a smile, a warm hug, and letting cars enter the road way. Peace♥
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patti jones

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Thanks for the invitation! I own a 1999 dodge dakota. I LOVE my truck!
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patti jones

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Thanks +Paul Pichugin for sharing this awesome photo.
Meanwhile in Western Australia's South West... :)
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patti jones

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I saw this line in the lake. Up close it looks like freshly churned water, like a wake from a boat but without a boat.

Anyone have an idea of what this is? 
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All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.- Martin Luther King, Jr.
I am a Direct Service Provider in Southern Iowa. I work with ID people in their homes. My job is tough yet rewarding. I like the feeling of having made a difference in others' lives.

I am the mother of two grown sons, each of whom I am very proud. My eldest son is married to a wonderful woman and I have 1 grandson who has my heart. My youngest son works in plastics and seems happy with his life. What more can a mother ask?

I enjoy collecting rocks, minerals and gemstones. I used to read a lot, but lately just haven't had the time. I love to travel even if it only consists of jumping in my truck and choosing a direction. There are interesting people and beautiful landscapes wherever I go. I am very easygoing and make friends wherever I may roam.

I am really loving G+ and the interactions it provides to people all over the world. I have an open mind, a good heart and a great sense of least I think I do lol.
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I have 2 wonderful sons, a beautiful daughter in law and 1 awesome, cute and lovable grandson.
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