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Life is Better Rescue
A non-profit, non-breed specific animal rescue focusing animals facing euthanasia.
A non-profit, non-breed specific animal rescue focusing animals facing euthanasia.


As the season amps up for holiday giving and celebration, I am taking a hard and quiet look at a year gone by. I never would have anticipated the success we have seen, the families we have touched or the lives we have saved. I return to individual stories, moments that changed my life, and I remember that the reason we are moved to give beyond ourselves is that there is within us the ability to do great things. Maybe not always on a grand scale, but a great thing doesn’t have to touch the world – it merely has to touch and change one life, one situation or one outcome.

Does anyone remember Tinkerbelle, the blind and deaf dachshund puppy we saved from KS? I do. I see a picture of her, of the moment I held her in my hands, and I weep. I weep in happiness and joy that for that dog there IS a future, a life and a meaning. She can’t see me but she knows me. The people that saved her – from the volunteers in Kansas to those that drove transport on C.A.R.E. – they all did great things. They saved a life, a tiny spark that deserved just as much chance as any other. Life is better.

How about Champ, the boxer that had been hit by a car and was supposed to lose a leg? I go back and look at that smile, and tears fill my eyes. So many great moments came together to restore him – our vets at SpayToday, the volunteers who helped him recover, the foster family that saw past a limping dog and decided to make him their own. That will to live could and would not be dampened. Life is better.

Roo – the kitten with the tiny deformed front legs that looked like a kangaroo. We spread the word and within hours there was a foster family and a life waiting for that little girl. She may never be “normal” but she is loved like any other cat could and should be. A testament that our devotion to each other lies not for our looks or in our bodies, but in our hearts and our souls. It doesn’t take a beautiful purebred to change the lives of the family that adopts, it merely takes a determined baby who won’t be held back by physical limitations to enjoy life. Life is better.

Mirren – my lovely Mirren. A stinky, deaf, stubborn and wonderful senior that makes me remember to enjoy every little moment. I don’t know how long she will be with us, but the lessons imparted by knowing her shape my days and my appreciation for the now. For every victory, for every life. For knowing and loving one of God’s creatures because she loves and gives back. Life is better.

And then there was Marissa. She didn’t win the battle, and her death, peaceful as it could be, reminded me that the greatness I bring isn’t in sweeping words, in numbers or in success. The most profound greatness is the love I give to those that need it that want it, and deserve it. To those that were thrown away, or have just started in life – giving love, and providing them with a lifetime of love (via adoption in another home) is the biggest greatness we could ever know. In her death, her life was made better.

My life is better. It is better for each moment, for each step in the right direction. For creating an organization that brings people together to love, to give more than themselves. Is there greatness bigger or better than that? If this is the only impact I have on this world, I will consider it a life well lived, because I’ve done what I know in my heart is right, is strong, and is great. I have loved simply because we should and can. And I have given people an outlet to do the same.

Make life better – each day. As we enter the holidays, don’t forget that there are a voiceless many that need your love – whatever you can spare. Every act of kindness is an act of greatness. And it makes us ALL better.
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