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Katie the store (Japanese fashion) - OOTD, lookbook and wishlist
I have been a fan of Larme magazine for a very long time, and those of you who know Larme magazine very well may have also seen the brand "Katie" appear occasionally. I think for me, it was around 2015 when I first heard of the brand, but at the time I didn...

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Dirty Janes Bowral - Vintage market and Tea Salon (May 2017 Bowral NSW trip)
A little while ago, we have just reached Autumn/Fall season here in Australia and thus we decided to go on a short family trip to Bowral. This peaceful town was actually closer than we thought, at only about 1.5 hour drive from Sydney. While we were there t...

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Honey Mi Honey 10th Anniversary book - 2 way Boston bag review
Hi everyone! It's been a while since I updated this blog but here I am again!! ^^ Today I'd like to review this 2-way Boston bag I got from the "Honey Mi Honey" 10th Anniversary book. Honey Mi Honey has been a Japanese brand that I always had my eyes on, as...

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Rose Marie Seoir Girl's Rule book selective scans
Hello everyone! Recently I've purchased this "Rose Marie Seoir'' girl's rule book, and I thought I'd share a small selection of scans with you guys for inspiration! If you are interested, please do support the original book by purchasing it  HERE . This boo...

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菅野結以 Yui Kanno style book "Yuitopia" selective scans
Hi everyone! Maybe some of you already knew, Yui Kanno has been one of my all-time favourite Japanese model. I remember when I first saw her as a Popteen model and I thought, "WOW She's gorgeous!!!" Today I have selective scans from her style book "Yuitopia...

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Japanese lucky bag haul 2017 Part 3: One Spo fukubukuro
Hi all ^^ Here is the very last Japanese lucky bag that I've bought this year! (Image from OneSpo releases a Pink and a Black version of the lucky bag each year and I actually missed out twice before...this year however, I've finally got ...

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Spring Inspo - Larme 026 March 2017 selective scans
Hi there :) Recently I've bought the 26th Larme magazine and there were a lot of inspiration for spring in this edition, so today I'd like to share a small selection of fashion and beauty pages inwhich I find interesting ^^ I have purchased this magazine fr...

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Japanese lucky bag haul 2017 Part 2: Liz Lisa fukubukuro
Hi guys, this shall be Part 2 of my lucky bag haul from this year :) Here I have another fukubukuro from TokyoKawaiiLife and it's from Liz Lisa. If you are interested in the Lizmelo lucky bag then please click HERE (Those 2 were the only lucky bags released...

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Japanese lucky bag haul 2017 Part 1: Lizmelo fukubukuro
Hi everyone! I have just received all the Japanese lucky bags I've pre-ordered this year and I can't wait to show you guys what's inside them! Every year around new year time, many shops in Japan would do this "Fukubukuro" event. They are basically lucky ba...
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