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DPH Trading - Danish Plate House
VIntage collectibles, porcelain and glass. Danish Design from well known brands.
VIntage collectibles, porcelain and glass. Danish Design from well known brands.


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BLACK FRIDAY - SAVE AT LEAST 40 % on lots of items.
Dear Reader   Today I will briefly make it easier for you to do your BLACK FRIDAY shopping at DPH   Save at least 40% on lots of items. You'll find a lot of cheap figurines, vases, bowls, plates and other collectibles, glassware, candlesticks, silk fl...

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Where does mother's day come from?
Mother's day is one of the holidays of the year with a more unique story, as some would agree. It is celebrated at different dates in different countries. Here in Denmark the date is the second sunday in May, which is the most common date.   Click here, if ...

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Beautiful 2017 Easter eggs from Royal Copenhagen
The time has arrived, when Royal Copenhagen again issues its popular series of porcelain Easter eggs. The older years of the Easter eggs are hard to find and increase markedly in price as a collector's market has been established. Thus I recommend that you ...

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Learn to spot the difference between 1st and 2nd quality
I am often asked about the difference between 1st and 2nd quality of Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl. This has prompted me to write a bit about it. Basically it is about an evaluation of the porcelain made in the factory after production. The finished ...

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Can't decide?
We all know it... if there is too much choice we can't choose!     Not long ago I went to a menswear store to buy some socks... Guess what my father got for his birthday. In the menswear store you have 3 different pairs of black socks, anklets etc. in good ...

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My Colleague has bought a Toilet Water Pump for His Mother...
He is very proud of the beautiful
wrapping, but imagine the mood at my college's home on Christmas Eve, when his
mother unwraps her gift!!! If you also only think of kitchen
appliances, tools, toilet water pumps or other practical stuff, when buying

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Time for the last of the Christmas gifts...
Here you'll find inspiration for the last Christmas gifts... I do not know why each year I believe that the closer I get to Christmas the easier it'll get to buy the right presents. - This year I reached 50... But still none the wiser... The last 3 weeks th...

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On the first day of Christmas...
Christmas is closing fast and it is time to think about the presents that you want to give. To make it easy for you I would like to show you some suggestions for what you can buy for Christmas.   Below you will find suggestions for Christmas presents. Just ...

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Royal Copenhagen Christmas 2016
Now that Christmas is fast approaching it is also time for Christmas plates from Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl. As is tradition they are available together with other collectibles that also carry the theme of the Christmas plate.   The theme of the R...

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It Is Time for a Christmas Dram!
Christmas is fast approaching again and in keeping with tradition Holmegaard is issuing their Christmas articles that I would like to show you here. A small dram goes well with the Christmas bottle and below I would like to give you a recipe that I am quite...
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