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Work Hard, Train Hard, Play Hard
Work Hard, Train Hard, Play Hard

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All the time.

Barnes and Noble changed their layout to not separate the new releases from the rest of the books. It's a terrible layout. I think I'm buying all my books from Amazon from now on. There's no point in going into a brick and mortar if it has nothing more to offer than an online store.

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My husbands phone keeps overwriting his cell phone contacts with email every time his work sends him a mass text from his work's system. Anyone know if this is a known bug? Anyone have any ideas how to fix? 

It was Engineer's week last week. I saw a lot of articles about attracting females and minorities into STEM. Here's my take on where there's an unaddressed problem. It isn't from lack of interest. It's lack of opportunity.

If you don't go the traditional route and be a full time student right out of high school, the options are limited on the path of engineering. I tried to be an engineer by going to school part time and working full time. I stalled out at Calculus 2 due to a lack of courses available that I can balance with work and childcare. Night courses come with a technology identifier that Raytheon and other companies don't recognize as a real engineering degree so it's a waste of money. Also the cost of college has increased and fewer employers are helping to pay for it. I need a return on investment. I may be leaving a field I am passionate about because earning potential is limited without further education, and education is hardly affordable as a support engineer so I have to make classes count. I am eventually leaving engineering for healthcare which is a more female dominant industry. It has nothing to do with not enjoying engineering, it has to do with earning potential, non-traditional educational opportunities, and a faster return on investment. I am one woman, but if this is why I'm choosing to leave engineering I'm sure I'm not alone. If we want to attract more females and minorities into engineering, we will have to change the method of the only path there is as a full time day student at a four year college. I've spent roughly $65000 so far on trying to obtain my engineering degree and my earning potential in the industry is the same as the $8000 I've spent on education in the healthcare industry. It doesn't take an engineer to see the gain is very imbalanced here.

What is your favorite version of Linux? I'm about done with Windows 10. Thinking Ubuntu.

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Morality, if anything, is an inherited genetic trait that was later perverted by religion as a means of control over people.

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The Jetsons car has arrived. Please let this gain popularity and take off. (Hehe, see what I did there ?)
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