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Patched ccdash.exe (disassembled .Net and reassembled) to force #Intel My Wifi to "full" mode with the last 15.6.0_64.msi released version against the ProSET 18.12.0_64 WiFi drivers.

Regkey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UpgradeCodes\4AC91165C6D69DE419A86CDFF452E910 is clear.

Still no go on getting WiFi Direct operation back -- in Windows 7.

The poisoning and death of #Nokia by Microsoft post-mortem: OMG!Droid: AH Tech Talk: Ex-Nokia Exec Tomi Ahonen Sorts Through the Microsoft-Nokia Debacle.

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and the #nymwars finally comes to an end. Google+ throws in the towel.

SG4 + Android Kitkat + ART has finally reached graphics performance expected for a modern quad-core OGLES 3.0 device. It can be better still, but it's now respectable, and almost par with iOS performance.

FOO on Google and their engineers for thinking it wasn't achievable, as well as the anemic attempt with the original Project Butter.

The self-suicide of #Nokia: while Microsoft and Nokia try to positively spin #Elopocalypse.

Deathwatch complete.
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Has anybody gotten #webp  to work in #Eclipse ? Layout tools specifically. +Nexus +Android +CyanogenMod 
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