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Nick Grube
Filmmaker, gamer, and a regular movie buff.
Filmmaker, gamer, and a regular movie buff.

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Holly Rose Music's Game Review PROMO! It's about time haha!
Holly Rose Music Reviews a Game PROMO

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Nick Grube commented on a post on Blogger.
This commenting system is not fucking better!!! YouTube is already becoming a train wreck as it is, but they've messed with one of the basic mechanics that has worked fine for years and made it into a pile of shit! I don't want to see YouTube get any worse. Forcing Google+ on everyone isn't going to make them like it, it's going to make them hate it especially when it sucks! Get rid of it or keep the two seperate! I want the old YouTube I used to love back!!!


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This was the last Horror Mania video this year. Even if you didn't watch all of the videos, I can still feel your support! Your comments have been fun to read and I really appreciate everyone who watched this month! Stay tuned for more videos! Also everyone go subscribe to "Nostalgia City", GiannhsVideosCrew", and "Joseph Bartus". Really cool channels!

I've been so busy this month! But I won't give up! I appreciate all the people watching Horror Mania for making it all worth it!

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A Trip to the Moon - Horror Mania

Updates On Videos Next Week

Horror Mania starts on Monday (Sept. 23rd). So get ready for a crazy horror marathon on Smartnick Productions! Over 35 videos, every day in October, there will be a different horror film review! Enjoy! Also, coming next week is the new Twisted Nick episode of one of my favorite games of all time. Also, a new Spike movie review may go up next week too. So because I’ve been on work overload, I’m going on a short vacation this weekend to cleanse the mind, and welcome the fall weather. Since Friday I've been on vacation from videos. But on Sunday, I'll get back to work. Alright, I'm off.

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Check it out. For the whole month of October, I'll be posting a review of a different silent horror film every single day. It starts next week (September 23). The first 5 will be released sporatically throughout the end of September, but once October starts, they'll come out daily. That means over 35 videos for Horror Mania! So check it out!

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Check out this video I guest starred in. It's a review of fists of the north star on NES.
Written, Produced, and Edited by Chance Hopper.
Starring: Chance Hopper, and Nick Grube

Check it out and give him a thumbs up!

My internet it back up! What a pain in the fucking ass that was. I'll upload the fist ATHF Friday video next friday! Stay tuned for a ton of videos, posts, ect.
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