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So far this May has been a horrible failure.
I set the goal at an ambitious 155k words (and 31 stories), but because of various real-life events, including a major shakeup in my workplace, I've got under 10k worth of words so far, and only ONE complete story.
Which is disappointing, but hey, that's life for you!
The nice thing about my May writing challenges is that any progress is still progress.
If I only get 10k worth of writing done, then that's still 10k more than I had before.
Things are stabilizing for now, and maybe this second half of the month will let me make up for lost time. Maybe not.
The moral here is for any writers out there, IF you have free time to write, don't squander it!
Life likes to rip that kind of time away from you. Take things seriously, and seize your opportunities now!

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I love reading my own words in paperback!
Anybody else feel the same?

The first day of my May challenge didn't go as well as I hoped, but it turned out okay. I'd wanted to hit the ground running, to crank out 10k words, but life was simply too busy for that. I didn't get time to write until well after 8:00 pm, and only managed to get 2434 words down, roughly half of one new story.
It's a good story so far, though, about a girl who wakes up to discover that she is invisible.
Last year my minimum word count was 2500 per story, and I felt that was too short to do much with plot--most of the word count needed to be spent on sex. Aiming at >5k per story gives me a bit more room to play. It's nice.

Today is the first day of May, and that means it's time for my to start my yearly writing challenge!

This year, my goal is to write:
At least 31 new erotic stories
At least 155,000 words

All by the end of May!

Am I biting off more than I can chew?
Most likely!
But if I accomplish even half of my goal, it'll be very productive.
Wish me luck!

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I got a mention as a Favorite Author by a random fan in her Kindle Scout pitch!
So I'm feelin' pretty cool.

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Workout anytime, anywhere

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