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Watching cartoons with my son woowoo.. someone entertain me on my day off

mannn cant sleep got nothing to do. this blows guess ill get off the comp and do some cleaning... nightt loves

whose up and wants to chat im boredd

lol how are u gonna break up with me when i broke up with u a week agoo.....

not in a good mood someone cheeer me up

if u got the number txt me im bored and annoyed wanna talkk :()

man today couldnt get no worse drive all the way to the exs for him to c his baby,  and the bitch isnt home when he said he would be. this shit is pissing me off.. from today on its me and my son im mommy and daddy # teamus FUCK DEAD BEAT DADS . just cuz i dont want ur ass doesnt mean ur son wants to be daddyless bitch

You dont wanna c ur kid cuz i broke up with ur bitch asss... fucking dead beat dad o sware man.. im pissed off right now

Had a great birthday yeaterday went to the room and had people come out. Such a nice room jacuzie and all.. omg i want to be back there to relaxe. Happy birthday to me had such a good time!

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Had 2 much to drink 4 my b daaaaay last nite
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