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John Booth
Sustainable IT Consultant, CEEDA Assessor,
Sustainable IT Consultant, CEEDA Assessor,

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Update - October 2016
Hmmm, where do I start? Its been a great summer for us and we have a number of irons in the fire that I need to tell you all about. Lets start with current projects. The EURECA project continues and has reached a number of milestones, ...

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Next EURECA Workshop & EUCOC
The next EURECA Workshop will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on the 29th September 2016. We will be launching the tool and the training programme at this event. We are also pleased to be supporting the EU Code of Conduct for ...

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EU IN or Out?
What follows may annoy some, infuriate others whilst some may just sigh and say thats John all over but it is my personal opinion on the last 7 weeks or so of EU debate, resulting as we all know in the people stating that they want to leave the EU. OK, for ...

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May 16 Update
Phew, what a couple of weeks, as previously reported we've been quite busy over the last few weeks so a brief update is in order. On the 28th April, I travelled to Austin Texas to conduct a CEEDA assessment for our first North American client, well I say Am...

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Data Centre World and April Update
Firstly, an apology is in order, we created an April Fool post based upon the EUCOC becoming mandatory in April 2017 and this was published on the 9th April due to a scheduling error. We had some feedback, but we thought that our spokesman Mr Alfred Phool w...

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April Fool
Our previous blogpost was in fact an April Fool, it was supposed to have been posted on the 1st April but the automatic scheduling clearly didn't work. So, we apologise.

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EU Code of Conduct to become MANDATORY in April 2017!
We understand from our sources within the EU and EU-JRC that discussions are underway to make the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) and participation to the scheme MANDATORY for all public sector organisations throughtout the EU member...

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March 2016 Update
Wow, its been nearly three months since our last update, that clearly
means that we've been busy with little chance to update this page, but
this will be resolved now. So, in January we completed an ESOS
assessment for a UK manufacturer and distributor o...

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Carbon3IT Ltd 2015 Review
What a year! Our financial accounts are in preparation but it looks like 2015 will have been our best ever year! I am not surpised at this, considering the amount of travel I've done, which of course is related to work so, here a list of contries and work u...

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October 2015 Update...
Our last blog post was way back in July and the reason we've been a little quiet is because we're quite busy. Since our last update, our MD attended the SAI conference in London, this was on behalf of the BCS Green IT SG. We conducted our first ESOS assessm...
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