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Humanity will be doomed to repeatedly inflict the horrors of Communism upon itself until it is effectively exposed for the evil that it is.

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I can only imagine mariners hold the same continuum of priority as the military;
1. Fire
2. Flooding
3. Equipment
4. Personnel

Fire spreads and kills or destroys indiscriminately, if not extinguished. Containment is a step in the process of fighting a fire, not the end of the evolution.

Flooding can kill or destroy, but containment can be an end of the evolution until a ship returns to port. Stability dynamics are affected by pressing a space, but the ship and its crew are not wholly compromised by a space being lost to flooding.

Equipment must be protected following an emergency if the ship and its crew are going to be able to recover and return to port. Some equipment is so essential that its being lost to a casualty may prevent return to port at all without external support. Better call the Coast Guard!

Personnel are not essential, save for the fact that they are a means to protecting those items of higher priority in the continuum.

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This video moved me to financially support +PragerU.

In all honesty, I would have done this sooner, but the message is all the stronger after watching that video, and realizing how disastrous things will be if we do not change our ways drove me to pull that lever now, instead of putting it off for another time.

Liberty, Individual Sovereignty, and Constitutional Conservatism will prevent this slide into the abyss. Our current path? Well... I am not so optimistic.

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Americans everywhere seek the best value for their dollar. Why is it, then, that Americans have chosen politicians who have taken that same privilege of choice away from them when it comes to educating our children? Shouldn't education outcomes be the most critical criteria used to determine education policy?

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I want to commend the men and women of CPAC. As activitists fighting for Liberty, fighting for the Constitution, y'all are incredibly important. Y'all are incredibly important, number one, for shocking and terrifying the mainstream media; which really should be done on a daily basis...

The rest of this video is excellent, but this line was money!

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People today warn that America's actions aren't very "American". I'd venture to say many ringing that bell don't understand what Americanism is.

This video talks about Longfellow's "The Ride of Paul Revere", but the underlying message is much more important; a Nation that forgets it's heritage is not as much a united people as it is simply people living within arbitrary borders. Without unity and commonality of heritage, even if assimilated into that ideal, America ceases to be.

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Pay special attention to what your taxes pay for, and how much of everyone's Liberty is being taken by the Government as a matter of Federal law. $1T is a LOT of money, and yet Progressives will always complain that those having taxes taken from them never pay enough, or their fair share.

Take a few minutes to toss welfare/social security/medicare fraud searches at Google... I'm sure you'll be astounded at how much of that $1T is lost to mismanagement and access being given to those not entitled as a matter of law.

Every American should be furious with their Representatives and Senators for allowing this to continue.

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Victims fall into the envy trap, almost every time.

People have been taught, over time, to envy and covet the lives others lead, and the "stuff" others have. The distraction created by jealousy can be deafening, crippling, and can lead to hatred and loathing if focused just so.

Instead of jealously wishing for what others have, wouldn't it be more productive to work on making yourself and your family happy and enriched? Finding purpose in oneself and one's action is more rewarding than pining away for something someone else has, and can lead to success that cannot be measured in terms of "stuff".

Progressives have mastered the art of focusing the hatred and loathing of jealous people. This leads to the creation of victim classes; groups who have very little to do with each other, except for their jealousy and hatred of a common enemy, for little more, in reality, than because the victims have been told their common enemy is bad.

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Progress used to mean something positive. Now, "Progressive" is synonymous with societal regression.

Interestingly, Progressives will call Conservatives facists for sharing this, which sort of highlights fascistic behavior.

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The Coast Guard is NOT building row boats... For Operations. This is a CHARITY PIECE (

The US Coast Guard is running a charity program (link here:, which WND used for CLICK BAIT.

Someone go and poke these people in the eye? This Senior Chief already has, but they could use more than I.
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