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Oh my God! These kids are amazing!

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This entire conversation between Matt ( and Destin ( was very enlightening. More people would benefit from some Enlightenment in their lives.

Branding is important. Personal, corporate, political; a brand's story is critical to that brand's survival. Matt goes out of his way to distance himself from Democrat AND Republican at several points throughout his and Destin's conversation. This is important. Personal branding is important to Matt, and he goes on to say things about Atheism, as a clergyman, that are very complimentary where many would expect vitriol and ire.

There are vast minutia in the thoughts and feelings of the people of the world that cannot be distilled down to a particular brand. Do not think that someone with surface appearance opposed to your own is somehow less than you, or fundamentally opposed to you simply because of your surface summation of their character.

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Ben Shapiro spends several minutes of on-air time (at the 1h00m49s point) talking with a functioning opioid addict what his thoughts are on how the Federal Government could help this epidemic. The response, outside of the overarching reach of governmental contact with the citizenry for the purposes of educating the people, is that the Federal Government is largely ineffective in its active response to this societal problem.

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My parent's generation sort of got it, but a lot of my age peers still act like that little girl, even today, and they're almost 40! Parents from my generation are hit-or-miss, and I think more miss. That is very sad.

Society can ill afford entire generations of "adults" acting like children. This is where it starts. Right there, in the parking lot of Walmart, Denny's, Olive Garden, or Ruth's Chris.

It doesn't matter where you have to parent... It matters most whether or not you choose to do so. This father has it right!

Thanks, +Leslie P​, for the post!
We need more dads like this guy.

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FTA: ... government hospital... unpaid bill...

The Indian Government may allow for suits to be brought. They may not. They do not have the same judicial processes in place in America that would allow for an individual harmed by Governmental negligence to have standing against the Government.

Think further down the road, though. This is what can, and often does happen in nations where the supply and demand are both controlled by the Government, along with the adjudication of fault, and recompense.

Caring about diversity is important. Diversity of thought, diversity of achievement, diversity of skill and merit aimed at a common set of goals... These are all very important diversity goals.

Diversity goals in hiring/retention/firing should never be based on the physical characteristics of an individual. This is fundamentally discriminatory in nature, and in practice, and should be seen as reprehensible to all who participate in it's application, regardless of the venue.

It is shameful that anyone could think discrimination in the hiring/retention/firing policies of an organization could be equitable if they also included any preference or prejudice based on anything other than pure merit.

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Generational poverty is devastating, and entirely avoidable. School Choice, as well as relegating the Government to "The Provider of Last Resort", are effective and lasting steps to solving most of America's poverty problems.

Something that strikes me as I watch the world devolve around itself...

Western societies have lost the ability to teach their progeny that no other human being is responsible for the individual's pride. You, and you alone, are the sole authority regarding your pride; its being maintained and/or degraded is entirely your domain, and no one else's.

Why, then, are we so fragile that imagery and content we are absolutely able to ignore has become justification for silencing said content and imagery?

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Socialists in America have worked tooth and nail to make Johnny "everyone".
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There are no guarantees in life. No Government can provide that which they deem a Right to the satisfaction of everyone thereby deemed to be entitled to that Right.

This is why Socialism/Communism is a fallacy. It is literally impossible. Be it medicine, health care access, health care as a right, electricity, clean water, clean air, or anything else; Government being the guarantor of anything results in those so entitled being disappointed, and ultimately, harmed by that Government which thinks itself so empowered.
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